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September 29, 2016


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Our Riddick theme continues with Riddick (2013). Having killed the Lord Marshal at the end of the previous film and the Necromonger credo of, “You keep what you kill,” Riddick is now Lord Marshal. He however just wants to find his homeworld of Furya. You can see where this is going, he gets jack-shafted and stranded on a desert world, but, he’s Riddick!

Karl Urban returns & we have Katee Sackhoff from the reimaged Battlestar Galactica along with a lot of tension, great action, and Necromongers, so let’s get to it!

This new planet however is home to the nastiest creatures imaginable.

“Instead of Furya, we wind up some place called, not Furya.” Lol

Even his dog is an escape artist lol

Sudden darkness?! Again?! Does something wicked bad nasty come out at night?! Ah, rain.

Okay so, yet again Riddick is going to play mercs lol silly mercenaries, think they can capture Riddick. Even funnier, he pits rival merc groups against one another.

Enter wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista with the first group and Katee Sackhoff in an awesome girl power role in the second and let’s watch them attempt to, “Capture,” Riddick, who is using them for a ride off the planet. You know, I think we’re yet to see anyone actually capture him lol

The second group however has fancy armor & their leader is the father of the merc from the first film, who wants to know what happened to his son.

“Is it true, half the people you meet are below average intelligence?” lol

The 2 groups of course get along famously lol

Lol hunting Riddick at night, that’s going to go well.

“Gear say naw merpp.” Lol

It’s dirty, it’s gritty, and it’s REAL🙂

Think, this was filmed on a set. Where they ever outside? Lol

“What are we playing here? ____ bingo?” LOL

The tension!!

Pew pew pew!!

“I’ll ride it like I stole it.” Lol straight outta Fast & the Furious

Cool seeing that again🙂 3.9/5 I wonder when we’ll get to see more Riddick…

September 28, 2016

The Chronicles of Riddick

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In as much as The Chronicles of Riddick Dark Fury (2004) bridges the gap between the first 2 films, it’s a brief, animated film, so, we’re skipping that & moving onto the awesomeness that is The Chronicles of Riddick (2004). Lots of action, Jack is grown up now & is Kyra, and, she’s not just in prison, she’s in the worst prison in the galaxy, oh, and the aforementioned Necromongers are invading and only Riddick can stop them.

It’s another long time no see & I’m excited to check it out so let’s get to it!

We also have Karl Urban, Judy Dench, and Alexa Davalos as the epitome of girl power Kyra!

It picks up 5 years after the events of Pitch Black (2000) Riddick is hiding out on the fringe. Kyra’s in prison, and the Nercomongers are taking over the universe.

The effects are first rate as is the action🙂

Furya however is a dead world as the Lord Marshal of the Necromongers destroyed it.

I vividly remember, the first time I watched this, I was working on a completely different novel, but paused that, as the idea for another one came flowing to me. Lot of fun!

Did I mention the action?!

Okay, so, here come the Necros!

“But I will take a piece of him.” “One of my best.” “If you say so.” Haha! Man, don’t mess with Riddick.

Okay, so, the Necromongers are these silly half dead, whatevers, seeking, The Underverse, which is, the paradise that awaits them in their, faith.

“Kill the Riddick.” Riiiiiiiiiiight. You want fries with that? Riddick, is unstoppable.

The funny thing is, they have no idea he wanted to be captured, because again, he needs to find Jack/Kyra lol silly mercs.

What Riddick also is, is a master of psychological warfare lol

No daylight slam, molten lava hot surface (in the daylight), if, you can get outside….

“If I owned this place and h@ll, I’d rent this place out and live in h@ll.” Lol

“I’m just passing through.” Lol

They sense fear. Riddick of course doesn’t know what it means.

As in Pitch Black (2000) the world’s very real/fleshed out.

Pew pew pew!

And with that, we’re off! We do however have a long way to run, that’s for sure!

Lots of great action & it’s definitely different🙂

Cool seeing that again🙂 3.8/5

September 27, 2016

Pitch Black

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Pitch Black (2000) is up next. To me Vin Diesel’s breakout role though I went to see it because Claudia Black was in it. Riddick is the most wanted person in the galaxy, though why is never actually explained. There’s always a huge price on his head, though you only ever see him killing mercenaries. Anyway, he’s a prisoner, their ship crashes on a strange planet with monsters that come out during the lengthy period of darkness the planet’s about to enter. Riddick however can see in the dark….

Cole Hauser has a fun role. There’s a lot of tension and the effects are first rate. Let’s see where it takes us!

Okay, so, it’s a high tech universe where the Necromongers seek to either subjugate or destroy all which is where Riddick comes in as they fear Furians which Riddick just so happens to be one of the last of. What he also is, is one of the most BAD @$$ survivors, ever, and a professional escape artist to boot.

Their new home however has 3 suns & it’s filmed, washed out/bright to drive this home.

Yeah, going into a strange hole in the ground on an alien planet, what could possibly go wrong? Probably be safer to get on a stagecoach in a movie….

Riddick’s not the monster, but sometimes you need a monster to fight a monster….

We don’t see the Necromongers until the next film. The first and third films are more monsters and tension and there’s a lot of both!! This film though, starts us out slowly and we’re perpetually left wondering what’s going on!!!

“You’re not afraid of the dark are you?”

Riddick is one of, if not my all-time favorite movie characters.

This is what you all get for waiting until the last minute and wanting to leave him behind….

“Looks clear.” Lol

“I’m just wondering if I don’t need a bigger piece of bait.” Lol

“Which half?” lol

Riddick also never gives up/doesn’t know the meaning of the word impossible🙂


Great seeing that again🙂 4/5🙂

September 26, 2016

Fan Film Day!

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Fan Film Day!

Uncharted: Drake’s Legacy gets bonus points for having Elena! very cool and a great homage to the epic series of games🙂 SWEET! They made a sequel! Uncharted: Drake’s Odyssey “Nathan Drake is back! Directly following the events of Uncharted: Drake’s Legacy, we find Nate getting swept back into the action when Elena Fisher comes back into his life. Trying to solve an ancient puzzle, it’s up to Drake to take the enemies down and win the day!” Very cool🙂

Let’s continue our fan film based on a video game theme with Croft (2013) “A woman will risk everything to save a young girl held hostage in the mountains by a group of mercenaries.”

Wow, look at the location! The stunts are amazing for a fan film! Cassandra Ebner is epic as the girl power hero.

The bad guys obviously graduated first in their class at the Stormtrooper Academy, aka can’t hit d00k!

It’s more than a bit violent but isn’t graphic.

Lot of grunting lol


Lol Wilhelm scream!

Man, I would love to go hiking there.

Oh, interesting. Did NOT see that coming. Very cool 4/5 and an incredible fan made film with a huge budget.

Mroww! More Tomb Raider it is! Lara Croft – After Island is up next! First off, it gets major bonus points for being the first fan film I’ve seen, that, had the sound of brass hitting the ground. The stunts and action sequences are first rate/almost on a par with Croft (2013). I wish it was longer 3.8/5.

Fun stuff and yes, we’ll watch an actual movie next!

September 25, 2016

The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time

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The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time (2009) is up next. Another fan made film, it cost them $4,500 to make, which is astounding!

David Blane is our hero Link and Hannah Fierman is our female lead/Princess Zelda.

I only played the Ocarina of Time, but, that seems a pretty faithful rendition of Link’s house in the forest.

It’s a fun change from major motion pictures with bajillion dollar budgets & it’s awesome seeing what dedication can create🙂

Amanda Brawner is great as Link’s adoptive mother Saria.


I enjoy the minimalistic style and above all else, it’s fun!🙂


Okay, so, remember, there’s a time shift and I don’t remember how that worked in the game. Meaning, was everyone aware of what was different from the past to the alternate now….

For the first time ever, we have real rocks being thrown rather than very unconvincing looking fake rocks rolling towards our characters lol

Away from the edge step.

🙂 Very cool

Ohohohoh, The End. Very cool, bonus points for being fan made 4.2/5🙂

September 24, 2016

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

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Let’s watch fan made Fistful of Rupees (2012) next. It’s on YouTube, in 3 parts it’s basically The Legend of Zelda meets Clint Eastwood spaghetti western starring TJ Smith, Lisa Foiles, and Rawn, with guest appearances by Dodger and Jesse Cox.

Scenery = epic and it’s one of the best fan made movies I’ve ever seen🙂 on top of all of that, it’s a fun story and a great mixture of the 2 genres.

I especially love the music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (1998) which is often listed as THE best videogame of all time🙂 well, that, and the mixture, of, everything🙂 very cool.

While we’re on the theme of movies based on video games, let’s watch Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012) (TV Mini-Series) which is also on YouTube in 5 parts and was released just before Halo 4. It’s another long time no see so let’s get to it!

This however is motion picture quality as Halo is a franchise. The scenery is outstanding as are the sets. It’s basically, a flashback to when a career officer was in training. Well, at least they start off in training, but….

It’s fun seeing the Halo universe (and Master Chief) brought to life. Though we don’t see him until much later.

There’s a lot of trials and tribulations as we follow a cadet, who, shall we shall has a differing point of view on a great many things. Tension ensues and, you get the idea.

Wow, I would love to go hiking there🙂

Pew pew pew and our troubled cadet shows potential and leadership ability.

Master Chief is the hero of the Halo universe and Cortana is an artificial intelligence who speaks to/helps him out. It’s interesting, hearing her struggles in the opening segments of each episode which have to take place in the future/after the events at the academy. I don’t remember what that’s all about….

Wilhelm scream lol

Okay, so, the big suit/battle armor, that’s a Spartan and the Master Chief of course is Spartan #1.

RED ALERT!!! This is no drill!!! Lol someone even says, “This is not a drill.”

Enter the Covenant aka alien bad guys of the Halo universe and with that, LET’S ROCK!!!

117 that’s the Master Chief.

And, we have a real, functional Warthog, the ATV from the games.

AND, we’re treated to seeing the Chief do what he does best – kick @$$. The story however is about the cadets, particularly Lasky and Silva, awesomely portrayed by Tom Green and Anna Popplewell.


It’s that golden moment, where heroes are born, where there’s a cause far greater than you’ll ever be, but if you step up, you’ll truly make a difference. In that moment, when there is no question, you truly become. Most of all, what you become, is free, for you exist beyond, time, space, and most of all, the body.

Great seeing that again🙂 4/5

September 23, 2016

The Last Stand

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Let’s see what The Heat (2013) is. Also rated R. Seems like we saw part of that before. Pass

The Last Stand (2013) also stars The Terminator, as a small town sheriff that an escaped drug lord is going to attempt to blow through. He’s far from being a sheriff though. He was far more in the past, but what?

Did I mention the pew pew pew?!

It’s fun, in that it’s different and in a nice change of pace, the romance is between 2 of the supporting (and very cool) characters. That’s where Jaimie Alexander and Rodrigo Santoro come in, in fun roles.

Okay, so, high end sports car, small town on the border, and with that we have a recipe for an incredible amount of tension woooohooooo!

We have an incredibly eclectic gun collector with a wide array of hardware. Dinkum is played by Johnny Knoxville, who the hero of the Uncharted games, Nathan Drake was modeled after. Very cool!

On top of all of that, we have Forrest Whitaker, with the FBI, moving a prisoner. We can guess how well that’s going to go….

The drug lord however has his own army with a different agenda and with that, we are off and running.

Lot of great stunts and we’ll get to the car stuff soon enough!

It’s a bit graphic, but, not too bad.

Okay, so, the car in question is a modified Corvette ZR1 with a thousand horsepower. It completely steals the show as we’re treated to a LOT of great car stuff. On top of all of that, the aforementioned drug lord was a professional race car driver.

Pew pew pew as the tension ever mounts!

That’s tough….

Okay, so, impossible odds, small town police force, with the aid of a veteran, and the aforementioned eccentric gun collector, against a professionally trained and equipped army of miscreants. LET’S ROCK!!!!

In a nice twist the leader of the miscreant army carries and uses a pre-Civil War era Colt Dragoon revolver. Best of all we even get to see and hear the brass hitting the ground. Bonus points for realism!

Pew pew pew!!


Alexander is epic in a great girl power role.

Don’t recall ever seeing that in a movie before lol

Instant convertible, Smokey and the Bandit (1977) style.

“Keep it. You earned it.”🙂 Awesome moment🙂

Cool seeing that again🙂 3.6/5

September 22, 2016

Escape Plan

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Let’s see what Remember (2015) is. Rated R “With the aid of a fellow Auschwitz survivor and a hand-written letter, an elderly man with dementia goes in search of the person responsible for the death of his family.” That doesn’t sound very uplifting….

Let’s watch Escape Plan (2013) with Stallone and The Terminator instead. Stallone runs a business testing prison security. He gets incarcerated and then escapes. This time though he meets up with The Terminator in the ultimate prison. Needless to say, tension ensues.

We also have Jim Caviezel as the warden, Vincent D’Onofrio as Stallone’s business partner, and Amy Ryan who works with Stallone and is our female lead.

Enter The Terminator!!!

“You hit like a vegetarian.” LOL

Oh hey, Jurassic Park guy! Sam Neill.

It’s also one of the most original and unique films I’ve ever seen. You’re perpetually left wondering, what kind of prison it is until the big reveal, which doesn’t come until almost an hour in by which point you’re like WHUT?!!?

Man, & I haven’t even mentioned the pew pew pew!!

The story, idea, stunts, and effects are all first rate!🙂

“Director Mikael Håfström said that 90% of the film was shot inside an empty facility in New Orleans which had previously been used by NASA to construct space shuttles.” That is really cool, almost as cool as it is finally seeing Stallone and The Terminator be co-stars/not just a cameo.

Very cool seeing that again 3.6/5

September 21, 2016

Edge of Tomorrow

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Edge of Tomorrow (2014) with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in an epic girl power role is up next! We also have Bill Paxton and these other people in fun roles too as Cruise does a Groundhog Day in a future June 6 D-Day landing in Normandy. Did I mention the alien invasion? He of course is the only one reliving the day so let’s get to it!

Okay so, alien invasion and to say it isn’t going well for humanity is a supreme understatement. Cruise is PR for the Marine Corps, who have a new power suit they claim makes anyone an instant super solider. As proof of concept they claim Blunt’s success in a recent battle and with that, we’re off and running!

Rather than keep his mouth shut and film the invasion, he ends up in a front line unit and you get the idea.

It’s set in the near Earth future, but the year is unspecified.

Enter Blunt, the hero.

The effects are fantastic and Paxton is a riot. His character is quite gung ho and has the best lines lol “The firey crucible.” “Combat is the great redeemer.”

With that, Groundhog Day begins!

Needless to say, he needs a LOT of training. There’s some fun sequences there and Blunt has this giant sword thing lol did I mention, he’s not very good? Lol


Like you need to ask that….

Great scenery and the effects are outstanding as are both Cruise and Blunt.

Lots of great action too.

“Gotta go brother. I’ll see ya in the next life.” Bonds of brotherhood indeed🙂

Did I mention the pew pew pew?!

It’s also incredibly gritty, and real!


Haha, very cool seeing that again 4/5 and we will see you next time!

September 20, 2016

World War Z

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World War Z (2013) with Brad Pitt is up next. Zombie apocalypse!!! OH NO!!!!!

Pew pew pew, looter in a riot, and with that, it is on!

Okay, so Pitt’s important, but we don’t know why, we’re just following him and his family through the apocalypse. He was like, an extra special investigator for the UN or something.

Duct tape to the rescue!

The suspense, the tension!!! On top of all of that, it’s soooo different and very powerful.

Okay, so, the Navy’s on point and we can’t help but wonder if this was the inspiration for The Last Ship….

Okay, so, we’re on the trail of the zombie virus, or, whatever it might be….

And, we’re even treated to the sounds of brass hitting the ground, yay!

That’s the guy that played Bob Leckie in The Pacific (2010) James Badge Dale. Very cool! He’s fantastic as the leader of the SF’s at the base that’s our first stop. I love how he keeps saying, “Put Zeke on the ground.”

The tension!!!

And with that, we’re off to our next stop!

Lots of girl power too as we have lady soldiers.

Have I mentioned the tension?!

Pitt is Mr. Quick Thinking!

Daniella Kertesz is fantastic as Segen.

Matthew Fox from Lost even has a small role though good luck spotting him lol

“You sure you wanna do this?” “Of course I’m not. Let’s go.” Lol

Talk about tension! Great seeing that again! 4.2/5 and there’s definitely room for the sequel they’re making

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