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February 24, 2017

The Chilean Navy UFO

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Our supreme scrounger theme continues with Flying Leathernecks (1951). Jay C. Flippen, who I’ve always enjoyed, is our scrounger here. He steals the show. We also have all of these other people lol

“Major Kirby leads The Wildcats squadron into the historic WWII battle of Guadalcanal.” Let’s get to it!

Interesting background information on the film here


Pew pew pew!

Okay, so, close air support and lots of great period footage as the trivia mentions.

“Guadalcanal,” however looks surprisingly like southern California lol

Haha, enter Flippen!

There’s too much flag waving and not enough Flippen. This film falls into the, “Fighting another war,” genre, made during the Korean War but depicts World War II. Some of them are political films or social commentaries, flag waving, statement/message films, etc. It’s not my favorite style of war movie and I wish Jay C. Flippen had a larger role. Oh well.

Let’s watch something wild! The Chilean Navy UFO video is up next. Wow, now that is wild. I wonder what that was….

February 23, 2017

Bon Jovi: This House is Not for Sale Tour

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Let’s go with Top Gun (1955) with Sterling Hayden. White and black, it was remade some years later by Audie Murphy in The Quick Gun (1964) which is an exact remake lol. Having seen this first, I watched that knowing exactly what was going to happen lol

We also have Karin Booth, James Millican, Regis Toomey, John Dehner and these other people including Rod Taylor and Denver Pyle.

It seems like we also have Chuck Roberson in this too….


Anyway, gunfighter, leaves town, returns to warn them of impending doom at the hands of miscreants. The lady he had been dating has moved on. Millican is the sheriff here/the James Best role in the other film.

Yeah, they change their tune when they’re facing imminent doom lol

Oh well. What else do we have?

This is cool, they were just here in town as I write this. Let’s check out the video! so, they definitely played their big hits/etc. Several more here:

lol this is cool, “His first professional recording was as lead vocals in “R2-D2 We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” which was part of the Christmas in the Stars album which his cousin co-produced.” From Wow, they’ve sold 130 million albums. See you next time!

February 22, 2017

Operation Petticoat

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Our Cary Grant theme resumes with Operation Petticoat (1959). Oh wow, Universal. Okay, “World War 2 comedy about a submarine commander who finds himself stuck with a decrepit (and pink) sub, a con-man executive officer and a group of army nurses.” Tony Curtis, Joan O’Brien is our female lead & we also have Gene Evans, Dick Sargent, Gavin MacLeod and Marion Ross along with numerous other familiar faces. Curtis is a world class scrounger to say the least lol

Best of all, it was filmed on a real submarine, at least parts of it.

Okay, so, they’re in the Philippines when war breaks out.

Wow, great stunt work, not to mention the pew pew pew!

Okay, so, they get sunk, then fix the ship, sort of lol

We’re treated to something I don’t recall ever seeing in a film though – the raising of a sunken submarine.

Lot of interesting stuff about the film here

Arthur O’Connell is fantastic as Chief Machinist’s Mate Sam Tostin

Lol Ramon, right, a Marine prisoner lol

The film however is a complete romp and features some of the best/funniest scrounging sequences ever film, including venturing out into an air raid to go shopping lol

Right. Enter the nurses, rescued by Mr. Holden (Tony Curtis) lol

“It’s something to think about.” Lol

At 55 Cary Grant was more than a bit too old to be a submarine captain, oh well, it’s Cary Grant!

Okay, so, 5 women on the submarine, including the incredibly clumsy Lt. Dolores Crandall lol

Oh my lol

Lol the truck. “Can Lieutenant Crandall possibly be a Japanese agent?” lol



Right, luau on the deck of their pink primered sub, air raid ensues.

What a great movie 🙂



Pew pew pew!

And they really did paint a functional submarine pink lol

By this point, the submarine has become a 3 ring circus lol

Transformation indeed 🙂

As many times as we’ve seen this bit in movies, I wonder, if, sending debris up ever fooled an enemy that was attacking a submarine….


Great seeing that again lol 4.2/5

February 21, 2017

The Great Wall

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The Great Wall (2016) with Matt Damon is up next. We also have Willem Dafoe and a bunch of new faces. “A mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.” Filmed in China and New Zealand, let’s check it out!

Oooh, Universal, promising. Legendary, hrmm, that however tells me it might be violent. To the parents guide! PG-13. Let’s see where it takes us!

Nice, action to kick us off. Great scenery. Wow, I would LOVE to go hiking there 🙂

Just as I was getting ready to say, “Bet they speak English.” Lol

Tian Jing is our female lead Lin Mei, girl power indeed!

Man, talk about different!

Tremendous amounts of tension while we’re left wondering, what’s going on? In one of the most original things though, warrior sisters & a lot of them at that.

Here they come….


Hunh, was not expecting that lol whoa, definitely not that lol man, that’s original!

Hunh, wow. Too many awesome things to mention. I am highly impressed! WOW. Just WOW, as in taking the art of movie making to an entirely new level.

Very nice 🙂

WHOA! Legolas indeed!

Talk about having my RAPT attention!

Oh wow….

Ah, right, but, it’s a legend….



Choices indeed 🙂

Without question, far and away the most original/different things I’ve ever seen 🙂 truly incredible and an absolute pleasure to watch. I can’t wait for the DVD, something I don’t think I’ve ever said lol


Uh-oh, this will end badly….


I daresay it’s Damon’s best work….

Epic, simply epic!



Hmmm. I’ll just pretend _____________________ teehee, though, I’m also sensing a sequel. Either way, too awesome to rate!

February 20, 2017

The Bishop’s Wife

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Our Karolyn Grimes theme resumes with The Bishop’s Wife (1947). Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven and these other people including James Gleason and Regis Toomey. “An angel in human form enters the life of a bishop in order to help him build a new cathedral and repair his fractured marriage.” White and black, let’s see where it takes us!

Okay, Niven is the Bishop, Grant is Dudley and he truly is an angel 🙂

“Robert J. Anderson, a young snowballer in the park, is also young George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life (1946).” Haha, let’s keep an eye out for him!


Haha! There she is!

Lol this seems familiar….

Elsa Lanchester is fantastic as Matilda 🙂

Aww. Hands down though, Karolyn Grimes is the best child star ever!

And there he is, Robert J. Anderson.


Yeah, saw this long, long time ago 🙂

Haha, what a fun film!




Make a wish!


What a great movie 🙂


“For anybody that might like cake sir.” Mmm cake lol


🙂 WOW 🙂

Lol “What makes you think I have money?” lol

Hmm, he played Lincoln, in something lol Erville Alderson, hrmm, maybe not, 213 acting credits, there’s no telling what I’m thinking of lol

There’s Toomey!

Yes it was! 🙂

Oh noooooooooooo hahaha!

Hey, there’s James Gleason! Man, we’ve seen him in all kinds of things.

Live band at the skating rink lol


Lol magic indeed!



4.9/5 simply outstanding!

February 19, 2017

Belle of the Yukon

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Belle of the Yukon (1944) with Randolph Scott is up next, mostly because I don’t remember anything about it lol Gypsy Rose Lee, Dinah Shore and Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams as the Sheriff round out the familiar names. “Set in the days of the great Canadian Gold Rush, this rousing musical stars Randolph Scott as a “reformed” con artist-turned-dance hall owner whose girlfriend, singer Gypsy Rose Lee, tries….”

Hey, we’re in color, nice!

Gold Rush though, let’s see how they did with the weapons lol

As expected, lots of familiar faces & we’re even on location. Very nice.

Dinah Shore!


Hmm, didn’t remember the singing and dancing lol

Pinky ring!

“Bob Burns was known for a bizarre musical instrument that he invented and which he plays in this film. Basically a long tube with a cone on the end called a “bazooka”. GIs in WW2 took the name for the rocket firing anti-tank weapon since it resembled the instrument.” Lol

Wow, look at the scenery!


Okay, bye!

It’s definitely different lol more than a little zany and even a little slapstick lol but it most certainly is entertaining 🙂

3.8/5. See you next time!

February 18, 2017


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In a completely different direction, Sugarfoot (1951) with Randolph Scott is up next. Adele Jergens is our female lead and we also have Raymond Massey, likely playing some manner of miscreant along with Arthur Hunnicutt, Hank Worden and Gene Evans among the familiar names. “Arriving in Arizona on a wagon train in 1866 former Confederate officer Jackson Redan partners with local businessman Don Miguel while their competitor Asa Goodhue is joined by opportunistic drifter….” Awesome, let’s get to it!

Queue the aforementioned wagon train.

Lol filmed in California, not Arizona.


Ah, pistol cartridges, nope. Maybe we’ll see his time machine later lol oh well, we’re on location 🙂


Oooh, want!

Dan White! That would have been awesome, to have been a character actor then, appearing in hundreds of movies.

Pew pew pew! You can’t shoot me with that, it doesn’t exist yet. Ooh, where’s your time machine?! I’ll borrow it and go back in time to tell you those pistols don’t exist yet lol

Great scenery too!

YAY! 🙂

“I’m giving to us.” 🙂


Beware the paper mache boulders lol

Pew pew pew!


Yay! 3.8/5. See you next time!

February 17, 2017

Galaxy Quest

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Galaxy Quest (1999) is up next. It’s a complete romp, spoofing science fiction/science fiction fans/Star Trek lol. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, let’s get to it!

There’s so many fantastic bits lol there’s also a lot of great trivia here

Ultra-wide screen edition indeed lol

Lol Sam Rockwell is fantastic as Guy Fleegman/aka Crewman #6 lol

“By Grabthar’s hammer.” Lol

Lol the, “Relevant conundrum,” guy lol. Right, Brandon! (Justin Long).

I remember being in an appliance store. They had a refrigerator with a TV in it. This was playing lol

Lol now they believe!


The movie is a complete gas lol


“Digitize me!”

“Rudimentary lathe.” Lol

“I see you managed to get your shirt off.” Lol

There’s a lot of great stuff about the bonds of friendship, but also, about growing as a person 🙂

Justin Long’s character is beyond fantastic lol

“Pedal to the metal Commander.” Lol

“Time to redeem a single mistake.”

The chompers lol

Truly epic 🙂


Truly incredible 🙂

6/5 yes, 6 out of 5 🙂

February 16, 2017

International Space Station Video

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Live Shark Cam (Lagoon View) | California Academy of Sciences is pretty cool. Wish it was feeding time lol Very relaxing 

Our live camera theme continues with Kitten Academy Live Stream like the eagle nest though, there might not be much going on, depending on the time of day….

2 different/cool NASA live streams here lol at seeing someone’s fingers on the camera in the former, but, then we got to see them as they re-oriented the camera. That was pretty cool.

Uh-oh, the second one went off. Call tech support! Oh wait, I am tech support. Did you open a ticket? Did you restart? I’ll be right there lol

Haha, I can see my house!

I like the first one the best, they’re building an ice cream shoppe! The later reminds me of the live TV channel I used to watch sometimes. Very cool.

Ooh, live view of Venice! wish I was there/and that it was daylight lol

Haha, there’s people in the kitty cam/they’re active lol

Cat’s like, “Get me out!!”

This is my favorite. I’m leaving that and the cats running.

Aliens!! Oh wait teehee.

Bigfoot!!!! Oh. Hehe.

I wonder what they’re building. Probably a giant communications array to speak with the aliens.

Oh, oh, there’s 2 of them out and about!

This, is inside the International Space Station from last year not live as it claims. Lol at the drops of water floating around LOL she took a drink! Ooh, no, should never swallow fluoride.

That was pretty cool.

Re: the live video, guess they went inside for tasty snack items lol

Oh, oh, we’re still outside. Maybe they’re asking for directions….

You ever wonder, if, the Earth really is round, or, that maybe we’re in some virtual reality thing a la The Matrix? Lol You ever wonder what creates clouds? Not the science, but why? Why are there clouds? Not moisture, why, why is there rain and what kind of Internet connection do they have to live stream video of this quality from 249 miles up?!

This is really cool it shows where they are/what they’re above lol they were over Baja earlier. Though, it also showed them in darkness when the, “Live,” video had them in daylight. Who knows lol

Fun stuff! Have a great day & we will see you next time!

February 15, 2017


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Okay, what to watch next….

Let’s continue our Audie Murphy theme with Tumbleweed (1953), mostly because I don’t remember anything about it, other than it’s a western & probably involves a romance and miscreants doing what they do lol. Let’s find out!

Unfortunately a lot of Murphy’s films have not made it to DVD so the video quality is less than awesome. Oh well, we have Lori Nelson, Chill Wills, Russell Johnson, Lee Van Cleef, Ralph Moody again lol, Eugene Iglesias and these other people.

“Jim Harvey is hired to guard a small wagon train as it makes its way west. The train is attacked by Indians and Harvey, hoping to persuade Aguila, the chief, to call off the attack due….”

Hey, we’re on location!

Oh, hrmm, this as I recall, is very much like a John Payne wagon train movie….


Pew pew pew!

It doesn’t work though and we transition into falsely accused which was used in sooooooooooo many movies back then lol that I’m tempted to skip past it lol

Right Wills is the sheriff and sometimes we all just need someone to take a chance on us….


It has its merits, but….

Pew pew pew!

Thankfully it rallies & has a fun ending 3.6/5 & we’ll see you next time!

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