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October 24, 2016

Journey to the Center of the Earth

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Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) (TV Movie) is up next. It’s a low budget companion/competitor to the high budget theatrical release starring Brendan Frasier. We however have Rick Schroder as late 19th century explorer Jonathan Brock, Steven Grayhm as his nephew Abel, Victoria Pratt as Martha Dennison who hires Jonathan to find her husband and Peter Fonda as the aforementioned long lost/estranged husband Edward. With that, let’s get to it!

So, it’s set after the war but we are yet to learn when….

Ah, so, Seward has just purchased Alaska giving us a timeframe….

WOW. Supremely awesome scenery, filmed on location someplace gorgeous. (Vancouver)

Abel chronicles their journey & Sergei (Mike Dopud) serves as their guide.

Lol there’s a lot of fun bits & I often enjoy low budget films & they often show you how skewed ratings can be. This is especially the case here and yes the story’s been told many times but I would rather have better acting/writing/a better story than have them spend giant stacks of cash on massive sets/CG which end up being the story. As we all know a massive budget alone does not make for a great film….

It’s real & the cast is really out on the water/on a real raft, not in front of a green screen🙂

I’ll take epic scenery over fancy CG any day of the week & twice on Sunday & yes, it’s Sunday as I type this🙂

We’ve arrived at the center of the Earth. Primitive creatures/people/etc.

I wonder if I was there. Hmm, I didn’t take any pictures….

Enter Fonda, who is living large to say the least.

Delusions of grandeur indeed….


Fantasy’s over. We gotta go now.

It’s a fun story without a billion and one things going on.

Yay for the cast doing their own stunts!

The story is also much more believable than the big budget version of the same year & the chemistry between Martha & Jonathan in fantastic🙂

Besides, who would believe you anyway? Lol


Martha has infinite money & with that, they plan their next adventure🙂

Great seeing that again🙂 4/5

October 23, 2016

FPSRussia: AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun

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MROWWW! Gary Cooper it is! Let’s go with Distant Drums (1951). It of course is yet another long time no see. It’s set in Florida, in the early 1800’s and as I recall, is filled with Wilhelm screams, though it’s before the film from which the term originates (The Charge at Feather River (1953)). Let’s get to it!

After Where to Invade Next (2015) the bar is set incredibly high. Let’s see where the journey takes us!

Ooh, color lol

Mari Aldon is our female lead & we also have Ray Teal and one of my favorite character actors Arthur Hunnicutt. Between the 2 of them they seemingly have a thousand acting credits.

“After destroying a Seminole fort, American soldiers and their rescued companions must face the dangerous Everglades and hostile Indians in order to reach safety.” Oh noes!!!

The trivia credits Sheb Wooley of Erick, Oklahoma (there’s a street named after him right off the highway) as being the voice of the first Wilhelm Scream. There’s so many of them in the film it actually became pretty funny the first time I saw it lol.

Ooh, directed by Raoul Walsh, supremely cool!

Wish the video was better….

Ah, okay, 1840.

Ooh, filmed on location in Florida. Very cool.

Dan White! (The, “Tiger by the tail,” guy from the Randolph Scott film)

Something could happen now lol resisting the urge to yawn and fast forward lol it gets better and it’s Gary Cooper so….

I’d rather be watching the classic Battlestar Galactica. 2/5

MROWWW! Yes, we absolutely have to end on a high note so let’s check in with FPSRussia! AA-12 Fully Automatic Shotgun!!! It’s the shotgun that Brodie carries in Predators (2010) so that’s up next. That and it’s their most popular video ever, with over 50 million views!

“I am a professional Russian.” LOL what does that even mean?!

“As always, have nice day!”

October 22, 2016

Where to Invade Next

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No, we’re not watching Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016). Killing Lincoln (2013) (TV Movie) however sounds promising. “Based on The New York Times best-selling novel, Killing Lincoln is the suspenseful, eye-opening story of the events surrounding the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.” Tom Hanks narrates. Though it’s certain not to be uplifting it’s potentially interesting so let’s check it out.

Psychotic much? This is uplifting. Not. I could see, where, it might be interesting from a historical point of view, but, it’s not for me.

Where to Invade Next (2015) is far from what it seems to be, by the title, so let’s check that out. “To learn what the USA can learn from other nations, Michael Moore playfully “invades” them to see what they have to offer.”

Whuppa, whuppa, whuppa. “Get to the choppah!”

The March to Pretoria! Yay! From Bridge on the River Kwai. We should watch – MROWW! Yeah, I know lol lot to watch again lol

LOL “Notable citizens: Super Mario.” Okay, so, it’s obviously quite tongue in cheek.

Wow, interesting….


“Really? What’s the point of being richer?” WOW

Wow, this is incredible.


Incredible scenery.

Above all else though, it gives one tremendous hope for the future. Imagine what we could create if the entire world practiced even a fraction of the amazing things Moore learned on his most amazing of journeys. Very powerful and incredibly thought provoking!

Wow, they literally brought down the government over wanting to charge for education. Staggering.

It’s staggering, the difference in mindset between nations….

Fascinating concepts and the proof is in the results.

Very moving and incredibly powerful….

Talk about thought provoking….

Wow, the scenery is simply amazing!

Forgiveness, what a powerful concept….

Truly incredible and one of the best things I have ever seen 6/5 yes, 6 out of 5 and one of, if not the only thing I have ever seen, that I can honestly say I am a better person for having watched🙂 Simply outstanding and highly, highly recommended!

October 21, 2016

Trampoline Charades Team Battle

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Our Orlando Bloom/swords theme continues with Troy (2004).

“An adaptation of Homer’s great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved.”

Brad Pitt is Achilles. Eric Bana is Troy’s hero Hector and Bloom’s brother. Bloom is the cause of all the trouble/Paris. Brian Cox is Agamemnon/king of Greece whose brother loses his wife which gives said king the excuse for war he wants/sends all the ships after her. Diane Kruger is Helen and we also have a whole bunch of other familiar faces including Sean Bean and Peter O’Toole as King Priam of Troy. As with yesterday’s film, the scale is massive and it’s quite epic. It also however is yet another long time no see so let’s get to it! MROWWW! Yeah, I’m excited to see it again too!

Yet again Orlando Bloom’s character connects with another man’s wife. This time though, armageddon ensues.

3 hours?! Holy long movie Batman!

Okay, so, Achilles is the greatest warrior that has ever lived and his crew are the elite of the elite. He however has complete disdain for authority and fights, probably because it’s what he was born to do.

“Is there no one else?!” Love that part🙂

So, yet again the warmongers get their wish….

Bean is fantastic as Odysseus, king of Ithaca/Achilles’ lone true friend among the leadership and Vincent Regan is awesome as Eudorus, Achilles’ right hand man among his Myrmidons (his warriors). Hector’s elite is the Apollonian Guard. War is just that though, they’re all going to die….

“My brothers of the sword.” What an awesome concept.

First ashore.

Not as bloody but certainly more graphic than Kingdom of Heaven (2005). This is senseless though. It’s just because they wanted to fight. They’re not after anything of any great value, like, the birthplace of their religion. It’s just a bit of dirt that belongs to someone else & the fact that one of them stole your brother’s wife is nothing more than a pretext, an excuse for the war you wanted.

Fascinating, I used to love this film but haven’t seen it in a long time. Oh well lol 2/5

MROWWW! YEAH! My buddy Ryan was telling me about this Trampoline Charades Team Battle lol rally!!! Competitive much? LOL

October 20, 2016

Kingdom of Heaven

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MROWWW! YES, it is totally movie time! MROWW! Right, it needs to be different. Lesse…. Two Mules for pew pew pew, The Magnificent pew pew pew. MROWWW! Kingdom of Heaven (2005) it is! It of course is another long time no see and no, we haven’t seen every movie ever made though I know it might seem like that at times lol

“Balian of Ibelin travels to Jerusalem during the crusades of the 12th century, and there he finds himself as the defender of the city and its people.”

Orlando Bloom is our hero Balian. Eva Green is our female lead Sibylla, the king’s sister. Jeremy Irons has an awesome role as Tiberias. Brendan Gleeson plays Reynald de Chatillon. Edward Norton is King Baldwin, Liam Neeson is Godfrey de Ibelin who I believe is Balian’s father and we also have a few other familiar faces. With that let’s be about it!

Directed by Ridley Scott, the scale is massive/epic/and awesome.

YES! We’re viewing the special extended director’s cut. As such we have a lot of ground to cover lol 3 hours indeed!

Lots of action, great music, superior acting, a super in depth plot with a great story & character development. King Baldwin, is like the 3rd Crusade right? MROWWW! No, I don’t wanna stop the movie to look it up either lol. Saladin, etc, massive amounts of sword fighting, etc, etc.

Oh, first time I ever recall the opening music being before the company credits. Very cool!

Oh okay, they tell us, 1184, so, just before noon lol MROWWW! No, we’re not watching High Noon (1952) though we totally need to watch some Gary Cooper! MROWWW! I know, I know!

Okay, we start out in France & it’s hard times. Sometimes it’s more important that we set out on the road rather than what sets us out on the road….

Mmmm, fake snow that is, a thief you are.

Hey, David Thewlis!


Oh wow, new footage. In the theatrical release that was not, very cool!

Okay, yeah, lot of ground to cover, so, we might not say much or comment about the fake snow lol maybe it’s more like the fuzzy/floaty things in the forest in Zelda: Ocarina of Time lol

Oh wow, LOT of familiar faces and a LOT of new footage. Very cool.

The film also makes a LOT more sense now lol/is even more awesome with the added scenes.

Incredibly powerful🙂

You had that coming!

“We’ll find out, together.”🙂

Awesome scenery🙂

Ting, ting, ting! Lots of great sword fighting/action without being overly graphic.

With that we’re off to the Holy Land/Jerusalem.

Balian is far from being a simple blacksmith & as we discovered earlier in the film, he has an engineering background, which will be put to great use later.

In the meantime though we have Alexander Siddig from Deep Space Nine to meet, in a fun role as a local, from the other side shall we say.

Epic, epic, epic!🙂

Thewlis is outstanding in a role known only as Hospitaler.

Enter our female lead.

We have several warmongers and the king is a leper/more than quite ill. A recipe for trouble if ever there was one!

Lot of great stuff!🙂

Ooh, intermission, how cool! The extended version is quite a bit more violent than the theatrical version….

Bargain with the devil indeed. That’s going to go well. Not….

Wow, very powerful. My BatSense however tells us there’s an @$$ kicking coming!

Awesome scenery!

Thewlis’s character is fantastic!

Well that went well. Not.

Ghassan Massoud is fantastic as Saladin.

Lol Wilhelm scream!

Awesome seeing that again! 4.7/5 Lot of interesting stuff about the film in there!

October 19, 2016

Brief, Awesome Things

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What to watch, what to watch…. MROWWW! Good call! Girl power, real snow, if there’s snow. First Impressions (2013) definitely fits that description (well, without the snow) lol basically, it’s Wonder Woman’s first date with this guy lol the bad guys of course don’t know that’s Diana Prince lol

Yay! So, if he isn’t scared out of his mind, he should be lol

“Wait ‘till you meet my friends.” lol

Star Wars VII: Return of the Empire (2013) is up next! It’s basically, Star Wars meets Disney lol Vader & the Stormtroopers have mouse ears lol

Lol even the Death Star has mouse ears & Chewie is now Pluto lol fun stuff!

Lol there’s a making of video! lol pretty cool. We’ll have to watch more of his videos sometime.

On to Two Night Stand (2003) Oh, I didn’t remember it being that long, cool!

So, they wake up together & have no idea how they got there lol

He’s from New York, she’s from San Diego & they somehow wake up in bed together lol

LOL they’re in the middle of a cornfield/in a house. LOL in Ohio.

Lol so, she leaves & they wake up again, together lol

That’s cute 4/5🙂

Lol they made a Part Two, 6 years later Maybe/hopefully it explains the how/why….

Hunh, well, this is, different.

WHAT?! Hunh, head trip much. Okay, so, where’s part Three….

Let’s check in with the have a nice day guy! Top 3 Weapons to Survive the Apocalypse. This could be important! though I wonder if it’s a zombie apocalypse…. Let’s find out!

LOL “Our friend here had a very bad day.”

“As always, have a nice day!” The even funnier thing is, he’s American/the accent’s fake lol

October 18, 2016

The Six Million Dollar Man

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The Six Million Dollar Man (1973) is up next. It’s the first of the TV movies/pilot for the TV series that followed. There’s no Lindsay Wagner nor Oscar Goldman. I don’t recall ever seeing it & that’s all I know about it. I was a big fan of both series actually so let’s check it out!

Lee Majors of course is our hero.

Okay, so, he works for NASA here, later it’s the Air Force. It’s awesome seeing the character before the crash.

Wow, he’s slung under the wing of a B-52. (He’s a test pilot)

Several familiar faces too.

Wow. So, they already have the idea for a bionic man, they just need the person….

We’re also treated to a plethora of control room footage and the real craft in flight. Very cool!


To say he’s hurt is a supreme understatement.

Martin Balsam plays the doctor we’ll see throughout the series. Oh, it’s all even his idea/theory. Enter the secret agency.

Our story needs a female lead….

Total Frankenstein moment when he first moves & it appears the nurse, Jean Manner played by Barbara Anderson is our female lead.

Okay, now we’re about to wake up with our new hardware. Staff is all gathered round….

Physical therapy ensues.

Price tag indeed….

We need romance, girl power, and for something to happen. It’s an origin story though, so, we’ll get there, eventually lol

I recognize that sequence from the series….

Ah, called that lol female lead indeed.

& we get to test our newfound powers.

I wonder when we get to the secret agency stuff….

Called that lol

Awwwww yeah, hope he changes his mind….

The series won’t really have a female lead until Lindsay Wagner.

Okay, so, the big mission and all that.

Hrmm, several minutes are missing. We’ll have to find that….

It’s interesting, different, and awesome seeing the origins of one of my favorite childhood TV shows. 3.6/5 Hopefully we’ll be able to find the full version….

October 17, 2016

Dude Perfect: Snow Sports Battle

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The Tall Stranger is up next, whatever it is lol MROWW! Yeah, something tells me it’s a western lol and stars either Robert Ryan or Robert Taylor. Let’s find out! Lol it’s actually Joel McCrea (yay!) Virginia Mayo is our female lead and Michael Ansara is the main miscreant though we have all manner of familiar faces including Leo Gordon.

“Back from the Civil War, an ex-Yankee officer aids a wagon train of former Confederates settle in a prosperous valley marred by cattle-rustling and land-grabbing feuds.” Let’s get to it!

From a story by Louis L’Amour, very cool. Awesome scenery🙂


Okay, so, Virginia Mayo nurses him back to health.

Ray Teal, replete with fake Southern accent lol

Some of them are still fighting the war so needless to say there’s a tremendous amount of tension.

Lot of familiar faces and I mentioned the tension right?

Hrmm, they have a shyster trail boss who’s leading them astray (through McCrea’s half-brother’s (Bishop) land) but I forget why. Something nefarious to be sure lol.

McCrea is persona non grata & the aforementioned half-brother is nasty to say the least lol

They somehow get the idea, that, they can settle in Bishop’s Valley, because, it’s empty lol that’s going to go well. Not.

Did I mention the pew pew pew?!

The war just ended, all of those pistol cartridges don’t exist yet….

Ah, the play and with that, the game is afoot!

Nice scenery too🙂 I wonder what it looks like there now….

As much as I want to enjoy it, I’ve been struggling to watch it lol pausing and watching/doing all kinds of other things. 2/5

MROWW! YES Dude Perfect it is! Snow Sports Battle poor Coby…. Lol Ty calls it & makes it.

October 16, 2016

The Gunfight at Dodge City

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MROWW! YES Joel McCrea it is! The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959) is up next pew pew pew! McCrea stars as Bat Masterson & we also have Universal’s main 50’s leading lady Julie Adams, western veteran John McIntire and Nancy Gates as Lily. Ye plot: “After his brother the sheriff is murdered, Bat Masterson is elected to the job and is determined to find the killer and make Dodge City safe.” With that, let’s be about it!

Incredible scenery!🙂

Oh, Richard Anderson (Oscar from The Bionic Man) is gunman Dave Rudabaugh.

Hey, yet another western set town lol replete with epic scenery🙂

“What’re you waiting for, the corn to ripen?” lol

Enter saloon owner Lily, our female lead and with that, Bat is in the gambling business!

Pew pew pew!

The town is pretty much chaos central, anything goes, wide open, etc, etc and with that, Bat runs for sheriff. Tension ensues, etc, etc.

To say Bat needs to open his eyes however is a supreme understatement lol oh well, he’ll figure it out lol

What an epic location for a picnic🙂

Ah, love triangle.

Very cool🙂


Lots of great stuff going on, tension, drama, who did what, etc, action & mostly set in towns. McIntire is fantastic as always & the scenery is outstanding. Gates really shines & thankfully is a large part of the film.

Queue the big showdown….


Awesome seeing that again🙂 4.4/5🙂

October 15, 2016

Dreams of Light

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It’s time to do one of my favorite things – announce the release of a new book! I never would have dreamt I’d have 18 books in print but, here we are!

Dreams of Light is about doing just that – living your highest dreams. The journey of course is in getting there which is what we explore within these pages as we/I continue our workbook of light theme as we work on manifesting the life we’ve always dreamed of.

What began as an exercise in manifestation became a full time joy as I stepped into The Flow and began living in the bliss of a life in the light. One of my greatest hopes and dreams is to help everyone live in such an elevated space and live the life of their dreams. The question then becomes, do you dare to dream? I do and I have.

You can look inside at

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