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December 5, 2016

Halo 4 Game Movie

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While we’re on the topic of evil invading aliens, let’s check out Halo 4 Story Game Movie Origin of the Spartans, very cool.

“Do not under estimate him.” Never! Cause he’s fine. That’d be like killing Commander Shepherd.

“Halo event?” MROWWW?! Yeah, maybe we should watch that too lol I believe, this is basically the same time frame as Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn (2012) lol called that.



Wow, great stuff🙂

Rut-ro Rorge!

“He’s just a ray of sunshine isn’t he?” lol

Disagreeing with the Master Chief is like Captain Panaka saying, “I disagree with the Jedi,” in The Phantom Menace (1999) lol you’re going places!

Nice touch seeing the older Lasky from Forward Unto Dawn.

The bond between the Chief and Cortana is more than deep/strong….

Great stuff🙂

Retire Cortana? Umm, don’t need my BatSense to know that ain’t happening.

Umm, no, the Chief doesn’t take orders from you. Next you’ll order Commander Shepherd around.


Trust the Chief, you’ll go far🙂


MROWWW! Terminal velocity for anyone else you mean. He’s the Chief!

Fate of the universe? That’s when you call the Chief.


No they won’t….

🙂 Not yet🙂

Hunh. Well….

He is….

Not a fan of the ending. 2/5 because of the less than awesome ending. Oh well let’s check out Atropa (2013) before we sign off.

MROWWW! Yeah, it needs girl power.

Hey, that’s Moira.

He’s my what?!?!

Evidently it was a concept teaser for a potential movie that hasn’t been made yet. Very cool! 4.5 & we will see you next time!

December 4, 2016


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Our Eleanor Parker theme continues with – MROWWW?! Yes, we’ll get back to writing our movie soon. Escape from Fort Bravo (1953) with William Holden is up next. It’s set during the Civil War & he’s the commandant of a POW camp way out west. Parker as I recall is a snake in the grass/wolf in sheep’s clothing attempting to help John Forsythe and fellow Confederates escape. He & her are a couple but….

Holden as I recall is quite the hardnosed commander which, interestingly enough, relates to our movie. Anyway, we have a film to watch, let’s be about it!

Polly Bergen & I’m sure we have multiple familiar faces as we’re mostly on location out west🙂

Ooh, directed by John Sturges, cool. If the desert doesn’t get you the Apaches will/the only way out is feet first & Holden’s character is simply brutal.

Hey, Oscar (Richard Anderson) from the Six Million Dollar Man!

MROWWW?! No, I don’t feel like quoting Galaxy Quest (1999) lol

MROWWW! Yeah, lot of familiar faces.

Yay for being on location someplace epic lol

MROWWW! Yeah it’s on now. Pew pew pew!

MROWWW! Lol yeah, so much for being on location.

Oh noes! What did we say about getting in a stagecoach in a movie? They’re a magnet for every miscreant in existence lol enter Eleanor Parker.

MROWWW! Yeah, she’s playing him and I don’t care lol it gets better later when they escape/we’re on location MROWWW! Yeah, there’s an epic, pinned down in the desert shootout. Let’s watch that/the end.

Pew pew pew!

Oh it’s night time now, so we gotta be on the set lol

MROWWW! Lol yeah, the bit with the arrows. MROWWW?! No, I was making the bed.

MROWWW! Lol yeah, it’s night time again, so, we’re back on the set. I’ve never cared for that….

MROWWW! Lol yeah, 1863, pistol cartridges don’t exist for another 8 years.

Pew pew pew! Oh well. She loves him, he got shot twice.

MROWWW! Yeah, wow, they filmed that in Monument Valley. Very cool. Oh well 3/5 & let’s check out some of that stuff we found on YouTube!

The Gunfighter (2014) is up first. Six Shooter Films. Nice.

“Who’s saying that stuff?” lol they can hear the narrator. “A bear Johnny?” lol

“Uh, no….” lol

“That’s why I’ve been so itchy?!” lol

Lol 3.8/5

Tears of Steel (2012) is up next.

“I just wanna be awesome in space!” What does that even mean? I think we all just wanna be awesome wherever we are.

Hunh, that was interesting. 3.3/5

Hybrids (2013) is up next. Girl power! RAWWRRRRR!


Daniella Evangelista is epic as our main character Dakota.

Haha, filmed in Vancouver. Thought the location looked familiar.

WOW. Supremely cool! 5/5🙂 See you next time!

December 3, 2016

The Naked Jungle

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Our Charlton Heston theme continues with The Naked Jungle (1954) as I recall, he’s a wealthy chutneyhead who either buys a mail order bride, or, dispatches a minion to find him a wife. Tension ensues, (because he’s a chutneyhead) and, some horrible threat emerges from the jungle though I unable to recall what. Let’s find out!

Paramount, color & Eleanor Parker is our female lead. I wonder where they filmed this. MROWWW? Lol I wish I hadn’t looked it up. Mostly at the Paramount studio evidently, with the jungle scenes filmed in Panama & some bridge stuff in Florida. Let’s get to it!

MROWWW?! No, I have no idea, maybe it’s a fire ant invasion or something lol I don’t remember.

Hey William Conrad, cool!

Right, set in 1901.

Lol she was in Many Rivers to Cross (1955) with Robert Taylor lol & hey, she’s also in Escape from Fort Bravo (1953) with William Holden. MROWWW! Yeah, we should watch that again soon. Anyway, she has top billing here. Cool.

MROWWW! Lol yeah, look how thin Conrad is!

MROWWW! Yeah, not a fan of fake scenery playing behind the cast….

Can’t even meet her himself. Bode well that does not….

He’s a complete chutneyhead who evidently has never been within a thousand feet of a lady and is pretty clueless, in pretty much everything relating to his newly arrived wife.

Right, plantation in the jungle, brother found him a wife, marriage by proxy. They advertised.

Parker is fantastic🙂

He’s completely clueless….

“I know nothing about music.” And less about life. You can’t serve your own coffee?

“There must be something wrong with you.” At least she didn’t smack him lol someone needs to….

MROWWW! Yeah, he’s a complete and utter chutneyhead. MROWWW! I’m well aware that we have no clue what chutney is. Someone, I won’t name no names, should look it up….

do it!

MROWWW! Yeah, Gilbert Roland would have been great as the foreman!

MROWWW! Lol yeah, it’s Beauty and the Beast without Linda Hamilton’s sister.

MROWWW! Lol yeah, he’s probably never smiled in his entire life lol

Who locks the thing over the piano keys? Lol Like some rogue pianist would sneak into your mansion to play the piano lol

Marabunta?! lol whatever that means.


Parker is beyond fantastic!

Mmm, on the set that is. MROWWW?! Yeah, we’ll get back outside later.

Lol he has no clue lol oh, oh lol

MROWWW?! Yeah, it’s about that Marabunta thing lol MROWWW! Lol yeah, maybe it’s Bigfoot, or Godzilla! RAWWWWRRRRRRR!!! Lol

Soldier ants, bajillions of them, destroying, everything. I’m not saying the end is nigh, but….

“I’m staying!” YAY!

40 square miles of ants….

MROWWW! Lol yeah, that looked like it was filmed at the lagoon at Gilligan’s Island, aka the back lot at Paramount lol

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooo/horn of Gondor. Ant invasion….


Meanwhile, back at ant central aka World War Ant, Brad Pitt is nowhere in sight….


Whoa, I hope the stuntman was okay! MROWWW! Yeah, that’s a real flood they created.

🙂 yay! 3.6/5🙂

December 2, 2016

As Always, Have Nice Day!

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MROWWW?! Yeah, Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. Let’s check out the trailer for Arrival (2016) hunh, interesting. MROWWW! Yeah, we’ll definitely be seeing that.

MROWWW! Yeah, there’s a new Wonder Woman trailer. Let’s check that out! MROWWW! Girl power indeed RAWR!!!

MROWWW?! No, I’m not interested in Xander Cage part 15. MROWWW?! yes, we’ll watch the Justice League trailer but only because Batman’s in it & I’m Batman!

We even have new clips of Hacksaw Ridge (2016) Oooh, Lionsgate! Wow, looking forward to that! Wow. “One more.” Incredibly powerful. Can’t wait to see that!

MROWWW! Yeah, more FPSRussia it is! Assassins Creed 3: Revolutionary War Weaponry! Is up next. “Hello my friends!” lol “Let’s have some fun!” Lol “As always, have nice day!”

MROWWW! Lol yes, we totally need to watch Zombie Apocalypse Training! lol of course he has a zip line lol

OMG lol we actually get to hear his real voice lol

Lol yes, how does he get all of this?!

As always, have nice day!

December 1, 2016

The Marine 4: Moving Target

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For some unknown reason The Marine 4: Moving Target (2015) is up next lol MROWWW?! Yeah, maybe it looked/sounded interesting. That & we’ve never seen it before. MROWWW?! Yeah, I have no idea how that happened lol I’d never heard of any of these movies lol MROWWW! Yeah, there’s a girl power female lead, which is probably why we picked it lol

“Jake Carter is assigned to protect a “high-value package,” a beautiful whistleblower trying to expose a corrupt army defense contractor.” Okay, let’s get to it!

MROWWW! YES! Pumpkin spice laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatay coming up! Ah, the brew that is true! MROWWW?! Right you are, to the movie!

MROWWW?! Lol yeah, I’m guessing it has a wrestler in it. MROWWW?! No, I have no clue who’s in it. MROWWW! I don’t feel like looking it up. I bet, if we keep watching, the credits will show us.

Awesome scenery, in the mountains as we are. MROWWW! Yeah, the rogue military contractor thing is beginning to wear thin. We’ve seen that in a lot of films of late….

Find your shirt chutneyhead! Chutneyhead? Do you even know what chutney is? MROWWW?! No, I have no idea what it is either but it sounds funny lol

MROWWW?! No, I have no idea who the chutneyhead is lol.

MROWWW! Yeah, the tension is beginning to build… oh, bet that’s her.

Someone needs to be smacked.

MROWWW! Pew pew pew is right! & we get to hear & see the brass but they’re all chutneyheads lol

Oh, the girl power character is part of the opposition.

Take their gear.

MROWWW! Yeah, they obviously graduated first in their class at the Stormtrooper Academy.

MROWWW?! Yeah, I think it was a direct to YouTube release lol

MROWWW! Yeah, it’s handy not having to reload.

that’s it, run off….

MROWWW! Lol yeah, we are yet to see anyone reload. Infinite ammo certainly is handy lol

Broad daylight, yeah, no one’s ever going to see that….

Take their gear.

Lol 50 minutes in, hundreds of rounds fired & someone finally reloads lol

Rut-ro Rorge lol

No brass? Lol

Umm. Hello? He’s shot. MROWWW! Lol inconvenient plot point indeed.

MROWWW! Yeah, great scenery. It was filmed in BC.

BAM! MROWWW! Yeah, it’s on now lol

MROWWW? Lol yeah, I keep waiting for them to wander onto the set of an SG-1 episode lol

The awesome thing is, our female is a total girl power character too🙂

Pew pew pew!!

Haha! Didn’t see that coming lol


3.3/5 and somewhat entertaining. MROWWW?! Yeah, I would have written the ending differently. Oh well lol

November 30, 2016

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

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MROWWW! Yeah, let’s brew some pumpkin spice laaaaaaaaaaaaaaataay and go see Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)!! Ah, the brew that is true! To the movies we go! We’ve been looking forward to this for a while too.

Focus! Lol oh hey, there it is!

MROWWW? Indeed, who is our female lead? The brunette we saw in the trailer lol speaking of trailer, there’s the sequence from the trailer lol

“Two things are gonna happen….” Lol more from the trailer! Love that bit. “It’s just gonna keep on ringing.” Lol

Jack Reacher = awesome!

Girl power!! Major Turner is our female lead/the aforementioned brunette.

This guy however is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Being Jack Reacher however, he smells a rat from a bajillion miles away lol

Did I mention how awesome Jack Reacher is?

Powerful stuff🙂


“I don’t like being followed.” Lol


“Yes.” Lol

Frozen molasses indeed. She however is on our side wooohooo!

MROWWW! Lol yeah, didn’t even begin to type, “one @$$ kicking, coming up,” before it started lol

MROWWW?! Right, Sgt. Leach is our friendly girl power sergeant.

Uh, no they’re not….

They’re bad guys mkaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Girl power!

Don’t taze me bro! lol

“He’ll be fine.” Lol


“A black sedan.” Lol

Bunch of maroons. You’ll never catch Jack Reacher.

He’s not in there lol

You have to ask?

He’s a num num lol

Sending someone to kill Jack Reacher is like attempting to catch the sun lol I’m not saying not to bother. I mean, we wouldn’t have a movie otherwise lol

Donde esta el brass?

They gone foooo

Nope lol


“Thanks for all your help.” Lol



“It’s complicated.” Lol

“You’re very intense. You know that?” lol

Can you understand the words coming out of my mouth lol

Hunh, wow.

Lol this is from the trailer too lol

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, threatening Jack Reacher, good luck with that….

That he does….

Next you’ll think you can mess with Batman lol

MROWWW! Yeah there’s Num Num again lol

Caseless ammunition is very handy lol

Num Num!

Yeah, you all might want to think about new careers….

Yep, called that….

Lol look on his face = priceless.


Oh, these maroons again lol

Nope, he’ll figure it out.

“Deep breath son.” Lol

We however are not done yet.

Num Num!

Oh. Hunh.


I wonder….

YAY! Haha lol pretty cool 3.6/5 & we will see you next time!

November 29, 2016

The Accountant

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MROWWW! YES, to the movies we go! The Accountant (2016) here we come! Ben Affleck, what’s her name, and these other people. We’ve been looking forward to this for a while now! What’s her name again? MROWWW! If I knew I wouldn’t be asking. MROWWW! Yeah, who cares, it’s starting!!!

MROWWW?! Yeah, Anna something, Hendrick, Kendrick?

Pew pew pew! MROWWW?! No, I have no clue, only that he’s a math genius/accountant for bad guys. MROWWW?! Yeah, I have idea how that relates to the sniper rifle stuff from the trailer. Let’s find out!

MROWWW! Yeah, the brew that is true ahhhhh. Is there a movie? Where are we lol hey there it is, yay!

Hunh, interesting….

Hey, we’ve seen him, in, something lol

I would have walked….

Right, regular accountant by day, by special request, The Accountant for, bad guys. The question then becomes, will they catch him? MROWWW?! Yeah, I vote no too, but my BatSense tells me we’re going to have one heck of a ride!

Hunh, that’s different….

Could do without that….

Lol takes an oriental rug to lay on for when he goes shooting lol wow, what’s the rifle?! MROWWW! A Barrett M82A1M? Wow & it’s cool that he makes some friends🙂

Hey, another familiar face!

Wonder who she is? His Cortana style controller/faceless voice. MROWWW! Lol yeah, we’ll just call her Cortana, ala The Master Chief.

MROWWW! Yeah, John Lithgow! MROWWW?! No, I have no idea how he got to this point lol

MROWWW! Yeah, it’s definitely different lol

Oh, hey, there she is lol Anna whoever.

But, where has he engaged in any criminal activity?

“I have a pocket protector.” Lol

Okay, so, he’s an ultra-accountant. What’s going on here?

Hunh, yeah, that’s bizarre….


MROWWW! Yeah, it’s on now!!

WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWO The tension!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol girl power!!

Wow, best action movie we’ve seen in a long time & we even hear the brass hitting the floor during the pew pew pew!

“We should go.” Lol

Whoa, Superman #1!


“Thank you.”🙂

We all have our challenges….

Wow indeed….

MROWWW! Yeah, I think this is Afleck’s best work. MROWWW?! Yeah, even better than as The Bat….

I still don’t see why he’s wanted

Haha riiiiiiiiiiiiight teehee.

Wow. My BatSense senses an @$$ kicking coming up.

🙂 great stuff!🙂

“He’s an accountant.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

Wow, holy plot twists Batman!

Kankakee, Illinois! We’ve driven through there lol many times.

We even get to see the brass flying, very nice, pew pew pew!

MROWWW?! That’s a Heckler & Koch HK416.

MROWWW! Yeah, I wish she had a larger role. I bet we see her again….

Whoa, holy head trip Batman!



surprise! That was random….





Oh my god, oh my god!!!!


MROWWW! Yeah, sequel indeed lol 4.6/5 & highly, highly recommended!

November 28, 2016

Oscar Week Take Six

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MROWWW?! No, I’m not sure I want Oscar Week to continue lol it’s about to become YouTube Film Festival lol especially as there’s several things I’m really looking forward to checking out….

Let’s watch Stagecoach (1939) again. It was John Wayne’s big break and we have Thomas Mitchell who won the Best Supporting Actor for his awesome work. We also have Claire Trevor, John Carradine, Andy Devine, George Bancroft, and Donald Meek, all of whom are fantastic.

“A simple stagecoach trip is complicated by the fact that Geronimo is on the warpath in the area. The passengers on the coach include a drunken doctor, two women, a bank manager who has taken off with his client’s money, and the famous Ringo Kid, among others.” Wayne is wanted by the law, no one wants Trevor, Mitchell’s a drunk, and you get the idea. Let’s be about it!

MROWWW! Right, directed by John Ford & among other awesome things were treated to the stuntman of stuntmen Yakima Canutt himself doing the famous climb under the 4 horse stage at full speed bit. Yay!

Hour and 36 minutes, white and black, though after Purple Sunset (2001) the bar is set a LOT higher….

Why is the video so choppy? MROWWW?! No, I don’t remember the video quality being this poor either….

MROWWW! No, he’s a crook and the morality committee is running them out of town. MROWWW! Yeah, if we’re playing that game I’d rather watch The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1952) too….

Never cared for people who look down their nose at others. MROWWW!

YouTube Film Festival it is! MROWWW?! No, we didn’t even see The Duke & I’m okay with that. Okay, the rules are simple, it has to be on YouTube and it has to be awesome!

MROWWW! I know, I know, stop clicking lol

The Siege of Jadotville (2016) it is! “Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan leads a stand off with troops against French and Belgian Mercenaries in the Congo during the early 1960s.”

Based on a true story, cool. What it needs is epic girl power female main characters, an awesome story, supreme amounts of tension – MROWWW?! Yeah, the sound’s off, aaaaaaaaaand the movie is too. What else do we have?

Part 1 of Empire (2005), a period TV Series is up next. Right, ancient Rome! MROWWW?! No, I don’t recall the last awesome ancient Rome thing we saw, unless Ben-Hur (1959) counts lol

Caesar’s about to have a bad day….

MROWWW? No, it’s been forever since we’ve seen – MROWWW? No, gladiator movies are never uplifting and after watching The Last Rescue (2015) this is not it. What else do we have?

MROWWW! Yeah we’ve never seen The Lighthorsemen (1987) so I’m excited to check that out too. Australian film, “In 1917 when the British forces are bogged down in front of the Turkish and German lines in Palestine they rely on the Australian light horse regiment to break the deadlock.” Let’s get to it!

Lush, green scenery, so far so good lol wow, mountains, I wonder where they filmed that. Australia, wow.

Lol Wilhelm scream. MROWWW! Yeah, we totally didn’t mention the pew pew pew.

MROWWW! Yeah, let’s just write our own movie. MROWWW! Yes, it totally needs to have William Holden. MROWWW! Right, then we need our favorite of his female leads Nancy Olsen.

MROWWW! Okay, okay, we’ll watch that & get back to writing the movie another time but it totally needs to have Glenn Ford in it too!

Oh my god, this sounds SO funny! Llama Chase set to Yakety Sax (the Benny Hill music) “Sped up funny version of the great llama chase in Sun City, Arizona on February 26, 2015 set to the song Yakety Sax!” lol

MROWWW! Lol new Dude Perfect! New Office Edition lol Panda! LOL

November 27, 2016

Oscar Week Take Five

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I’m Batman! Thus, The Dark Knight (2008) is up next. Heath Ledger is simply incredible as The Joker & it’s the middle of the 3 Bale Batman films so let’s get to it! MROWWW! Indeed it won a second Oscar for something else.

MROWWW! No, I’m not looking it up, it has all of these other people including MC as Alfred & I’m guessing Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon. Let’s see where it takes us!

Oof, 2 hours and 26 minutes lol can’t we watch something that’s an hour and 19 minutes lol. Whose idea was this Oscar Week thing anyway lol MROWWW! I know, not you lol MROWWW! Yes, we totally need some pump – The Joker!!!! Pumpkin spice laaaaaaaaaaaaataay!!!

Wow, I totally forgot about this awesome opening stunt/sequence.

Pew pew pew!!

Lol Batman Suspects: Elvis, Bigfoot, and Abraham Lincoln lol

The Bat!!

Yay, MC!!

MROWWW?! Is there a female lead? I don’t remember. MROWWW! Lol yeah The Bat hasn’t had the best of luck with the ladies has he lol

MROWWW! Yeah, we totally need some pumpkin spice laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaataaay!!

Ahhh, the brew that is true🙂

“It’s simple. We kill the Batman.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

MROWWW?! Maybe it gets awesome later, I don’t remember. MROWWW?! I have no idea about a female lead I would much rather check out Purple Sunset (2001). It sounds like the most unique thing we’ve ever seen. Let’s find out!

“A Soviet Russian lady officer, a Chinese peasant and a Japanese schoolgirl must walk their way out of a forest toward the end of World War II, despite their mutual distrust of one another.”

It’s as if, movies/TV shows are/can be a portal into another world, one where we can be or do anything. What if I told – wow, look at the scenery! Holy cow, look at that!!!! MROWWW! Yeah, the video looks great! MROWWW?! Yeah, I was saying – MROWWW! Yeah, look at all of the period vehicles wow. MROWWW! Yeah, that has to be the first time we’ve ever seen anyone really set period equipment on fire. It’s usually always just fake explosions. MROWWW?! Right, I was saying, what if I told you, you could have the life of your dreams right now, if you did one simple thing – not just dream but dare to feel it in the present tense!

Man, look how green it is there!!

Uh-oh, which way do they go? Better check the GPS lol

MROWWW?! Yeah, I wonder what the Japanese tanks are….

The funny thing is, I have no clue who the main characters are. We’ve maybe seen one of them thus far lol oh yeah, pew pew pew!!!

Oh, it’s that guy, her, and, who? We need a villager, right? Wasn’t that what it said? MROWWW! Oh, it’s that guy, okay lol

Wow, for real? He saved her life.

Best of all, we’re completely on location.

Man, I would so not cross that bridge. Haven’t you ever seen any of these movies? Wade through the river.

Whoa, tension city. Oh god, that really happened.

Okay, 4 of them, 2 Russians, 1 Japanese, 1 Chinese. We know 1 of them makes it but, what about the other 3?

Yeah, saw that coming….

Man, Anna Dzenilalova is fantastic as Nadja!!

MROWWW! Yeah PPSH’s seemingly hold a billion rounds lol


Dalong Fu is equally awesome as Yang, wow.

You ever wonder why those commanding soldiers yell so much in war movies?

Yeah, don’t expect him to do what you couldn’t….

didn’t see that coming lol pump fake!

Hunh wow, this has to be without question one of the most different things we’ve ever seen….

Umm, that’s going to contaminate the water supply. Gleeful maroons.

Face of the enemy indeed. Wow. We all have our scars but that’s why we have friends – to help us heal them….

Look at the beautiful colors/the scenery!!!

Yeah, that’s all war does – destroy….

Wow, this is a trip!

role reversal!

Wow, never seen that in a movie….

Chie Maeda is equally fantastic as the 3rd member of the triumvirate Akibako and yes, another awesome girl power character🙂


I wonder….


Oh wow. Very powerful….

Man I would love to go hiking there! MROWWW! What, you don’t even like going outside lol MROWWW! It certainly is pretty there….

Whoa k r @ p….

that’s real wow.

He does now….



Help her heal whatever she’s going through….


Wow, very powerful….

Blind obedience indeed….

Saw that coming….


It’s on like Donkey Kong whatever that means lol



Simply outstanding and highly, highly recommended! 5/5🙂

November 26, 2016

Oscar Week Take Four

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MROWWW! Yeah, we’ll definitely do better with The Big Country (1958). Charlton Heston agreed to a supporting role to work with Gregory Peck & we also have Burl Ives as a nasty guy of all things & Jean Simmons is our female lead.

Ives won Best Supporting Actor & hey, it was also directed by William Wyler, very cool. “A New Englander arrives in the Old West, where he becomes embroiled in a feud between two families over a valuable patch of land.” Peck is the aforementioned easterner.

Lol I forgot about Charles Bickford & we also have Chuck Roberson & Chuck Connors.

“Only film to feature Gregory Peck and his sons Jonathan Peck, Carey Paul Peck and Stephen Peck.” Hunh, cool.

“Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston were really hitting each other in their fight scene.” Whoa.

Lot of tension, an awesome romance & 2 hours & 40 minutes to enjoy it. Let’s get to it!

MROWWW? No, it’s in color lol the opening credits are white and black, who knows why lol

Okay, so, Peck is literally a fish out of water, having made his money as a sea captain. He meets this lady & comes out west to marry her. There she is, whoever she is. We’ll just call her Pushy, because she/her whole family is.

Enter Simmons, yay! We’ll see more of her later🙂

Lol there’s that knife throwing person again.

Right, range war, with knuckleheads on both sides lol

Why is this sooooooooooo long lol

MROWWW! I know we’re only 15 minutes in lol

New Timeless!!!

MROWWW! I know we have new Timeless & no, we can’t see The Accountant (2016) yet. MROWWW?! Why not? Do you see a movie theater? Hello?! Lol

MROWWW! I know it’s a big country lol hence the title. You keep watching that if you want. I’m watching the new Timeless!

MROWWW! Yeah, Timeless is awesome! 1836?! What’s going on here? Oh yeah, Alamo!


Nope, Lucy isn’t going to ride without Logan.

MROWWW! Haha, good call, we totally need to brew some pumpkin spice laaaaataaay!

Ahh, tasty stuff🙂

“How do you make the Alamo worse?” Something tells me we’re about to find out.

Lucy Preston. Wyatt Logan. Lol Ted ‘Theodore’ Logan, Bill S. Preston lol

Whoa, wait, what?

Hunh, did NOT see that coming.

Aww man….


Great stuff🙂

MROWWW! Yeah, major pew pew pew coming up!

No, he wants to stay….



This is soooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!

Oh my god, wow, coolest present ever!!!!! An original Bowie knife from Jim Bowie himself WOW.


MROWWW?! Yeah, let’s get back to the movie.

MROWWW! Yeah Simmons is fantastic!

Why is this movie sooooooooooooooooo long? MROWWW?! I didn’t say anything about the size of anyone’s attention span lol

MROWWW! Right, that’s Alfonso Bedoya in his final film/acting appearance. We’ve enjoyed him in soooo many things. Here he plays Ramón Gutierrez.

MROWWW! Yeah, I think you could about walk across the prairie on the tension in the film lol

MROWWW! Yeah, outside of Peck, Simmons, and Ramone and his family, everyone in the film is stone cold cwazy lol We mentioned the range war right?

MROWWW! Right, Blanco Canyon, the giant white rock canyon through which their arch nemesis live. Oh well, the scenery’s awesome.

I mentioned they’re all crazy right? MROWWW! Okay great, making sure….

Lol at the horse pulling the blanket off routine lol

MROWWW! Lol yeah, a lot of these movies have an, “Ole Thunder,” type horse that no one can ever ride lol


MROWWW! Yeah, Ives is truly outstanding. This is far and away his best work.

MROWWW! Yeah, this is where the film shifts🙂

MROWWW! Lol yeah, we could totally make a drinking game out of every time someone says, “It’s a big country.” Lol

MROWWW! Right, this is the year before Ben-Hur (1959) which made Heston a mega star.

Oww! MROWWW! Yeah, they’re really brawling lol I can has stuntman? Lol

Hey, there’s Roberson!

Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

Lackey indeed lol

“How many times does a man have to win you?” Every day evidently.

Haha, yay for stars doing their own riding and yay for being on location lol

The dynamic between Simmons & Peck is fantastic.

MROWWW! Yeah Peck evidently had so much fun on location he bought his own ranch.

Yeah he does, you’re a meeeeeeeeeeeeeeerp.

“It’ll never happen again.” Lol that’s right because you’re heading out the door lol

The tension!!!

MROWWW! Right you are, giant shootout approaching!

“It’s The Dude.” Lol

I totally mentioned the tension right? Ramon however rides beside him🙂



Indeed, you’re all alone in your lunacy lol Band of fools.

Stunning scenery🙂

Right, the big finale/shootout, pew pew pew!

Great seeing that again 4.2/5.

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