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March 16, 2018

Cole Younger, Gunfighter (1958)

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Our Undiscovered Western Festival (meaning, I’m certain we’ve never seen it) begins with Cole Younger, Gunfighter (1958)! Hey, widescreen, wow! Frank Lovejoy, James Best, Abby Dalton, and these other people! “Notorious outlaw Cole Younger is the only witness who can clear Kit Caswell of false murder charges leveled against him by jealous rival Jan Merlin who covets Caswell’s girl, Abby Dalton.” Hey, Frank Ferguson & Myron Healey too!

Wow, James Best has 2nd billing & look at the scenery! Even more surprising is that no one named Westmore has a credit for makeup, though it is an Allied Artists picture. For some reason I always look at that….

Okay, so, it’s 1873 and the miscreants are terrorizing Southern California. I often wonder, “How many times have we seen this town?” but they all look so different. This explains why – there were a LOT of them lol

The question of course remains, one, how would you get an outlaw to testify, as they’re an outlaw, and secondly, I mean, they’re an outlaw, how could they testify? Meaning, what court would accept their testimony? Cole Younger however served 25 years though and was paroled. “with the help of the prison warden… He lectured and toured the south with Frank James in a wild west show, The Cole Younger and Frank James Wild West Company, in 1903.” Set in 1873 however, they are 3 years away from being captured in Northfield. Frank and Cole Younger were at Lawrence, Kansas with Quantrill and Frank was in jail for year while awaiting trial and was acquitted. Anyway….

Hey, he was in Hell Bent for Leather (1960)! Ah, that’s Jan Merlin.

That don’t give you cause….

Enter Ferguson and his bajillion acting credits!

Enter Lovejoy.

Lol just as I was about to type, “The scenery’s great and the outdoor scenes are on location,” there we are, on the set lol

Yep, definitely Southern California and enter Myron Healey.

And with that we are falsely accused….

Is anyone in this picture honest lol

And with that, we are back on the set lol


They’ve traveled far – their cattle drive’s in Southern California lol

Lol even though they’re now, just outside, “Abilene,” they’re still in Southern California lol


That was cool!


March 15, 2018

The Trap (1966)

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Someone has simply got to stop clicking lol we have a great many classic westerns cued up to watch, almost all of which I am certain we have never seen. There’s a lot more where they came from so let’s get to it! The Trap (1966) starts us off. I liked the plot so much, it inspired a brief story I just finished, which, will be a part of my next book! “A fur trapper takes a mute girl as his unwilling wife to live with him in his remote cabin in the woods.” Rita Tushingham, Oliver Reed, and these other people, it evidently is an English film set in Canada. Let’s find out!

Hey, wiiiiiiiiideescreen lol

I hope it was filmed on location….

There’s the gold man with the gong again and wow, look at the scenery! A hiking we will go lol

And look at the fake scenery as he rows on the set lol oh well. At least the stuntman’s really out there, rowing.

I don’t recall ever saying this, I don’t recognize a single name in the credits lol the scenery however is epic! Our leading lady however won a Golden Globe and she has top billing….

Okay, so, that’s our leading lady – Eve.

Ah, we’ve seen Oliver Reed in several things/didn’t recognize his name….

I agree with the reviewer on IMDB, “the two roguish native Americans are played by western actors with wigs. Looks very cheap by modern standards.”

It’s definitely different that’s for sure!

So, you can pay, to have women released from prison and brought to the frontier/wherever it’s set/on the coast….

Someone has it in for you….

It’s great seeing a non-Hollywood western and not having a clue where it’s going!

Oh, okay….

This is interesting!

Our leading lady is fantastic!!

Aren’t you the schemer….

The question then becomes, how long does it take them to warm up to one another? I’m guessing not for a while….

He however is quite the beast and she is completely terrified and rightly so, not to mention terribly overworked. I look forward to seeing where they meet as she tames him lol

Wow, an original action sequence!!!

Look at the deer!

Love the scenery!


Take that miscreants!!!

Lol she has OCD/very nice as she trains him and before I can type, “I wonder how long before she smiles?” she does lol

Real snow and does the tension ever ramp up as we are truly on the frontier!

Talk about intense!

Pro tip – next time you’re in town, get a repeating rifle and a couple of pistols….

Girl power!

Yay, real snow again lol (I didn’t mention the fake snow/on the set teehee)

Snowshoes, how fun!

Wow, look how deep the snow is!


She’s on quite the journey!

What an awesome/unexpected find!

There’s no help there….

Talk about having my rapt attention!!!


Wow, have we ever shifted!


PTSD indeed….

We know how this’ll end….

And with that we are back where we started lol

So, an entire year has passed….

No you won’t/we still have 6 minutes to go….

This does seem vaguely familiar. I’m pretty sure I saw this, way back when lol

She = gone! Hahahahahaha!


What might you want lol

Hahahahaa! That was cute 🙂

March 14, 2018

Awesome Fan Films!

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Now this, The Path – A Witcher Story looks and sounds awesome. Let’s check it out!

Love the music and the CG griffin looks fantastic!

2 witchers/cat eyes & they even use several of the Signs & have the Wolf School medallions, meaning, they would know Geralt, if it’s set during his time….

Well that was sad….

Oh nice. We even see him meditate.

Best of all though, it very much captures the look and feel of the 3rd game/the Witcher universe & the detail is impressive!

Wow, he even uses blade oil.

I daresay this is one of the best fan films I have ever seen!


You know what Jack Buck would say – that’s a winner!!

Someone has got to stop clicking lol let’s check out THE LAST OF US – The Beginning of The End (fair warning, it’s not PG teehee)

Whoa, zeke indeed….

The settings are fantastic/straight out of the game & we even have subtitles!

Haha, I have plates just like that! (thanks Mom!)

HAHAHHAAA at him watching her dance/she can’t see him….

Oh wow, what a surprise!

If she was bitten yesterday, she’s immune like Ellie….

Where’d she go?


It’s a nice retelling of The Last of Us 🙂

March 13, 2018

Awesome Star Wars Things!

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Intuit: A Giant Story

Now this is cool! Behind the Scenes Photos: Star Wars (1977)

lol at Chewie getting combed!

Lol that was cool.

Let’s move on to Episode IV deleted scenes! Now this is cool!

We of course have to follow on the Episode V deleted scenes!

“Yes your Highnessness?” lol always loved that line.

I’ve heard about the wampa scenes, but had never seen them. I had no idea there were so many wampa scenes lol

That was cool!

March 12, 2018

Riding High (1950)

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Hostiles (2017) is even more powerful the second time! It was so incredible seeing that again & I picked up on a LOT of things I missed the first time. All I can really say is: Best. Film. Ever. It’s the Uncharted 4 of films – in a class by itself! I’ve seen it 3 times (in 4 days lol) & am ready to see it again lol We however should watch something! We finished our original What to Watch list, so I made a new one, of everything on our list of favorite films and TV shows….

Let’s watch Riding High (1950) again! Bing, Coleen Gray, Ward Bond, and these other people! Directed by Frank Capra, “A horse trainer who has fallen on hard times looks to his horse, Broadway Bill, to finally win the big race.” White and black, let’s get to it!

Numerous familiar names and faces including Pa Kettle lol

So, it’s a remake of a Myrna Loy film & includes footage from it….

Haha, Wally Westmore on makeup!

Right, every son-in-law runs a branch of the family business….

Enter our leading lay just a smiling away!!

Lol at the rooster riding Broadway Bill!

The horse is fantastic lol

Yeah, we’re just waiting for him to sing lol

There we go lol

Right, “The Meeting,” means family dinner with the CEO and the managers of his businesses & his daughters….

“Yes J.L.” lol we’ll make that our drinking game lol

Right. Charles Bickford plays the aforementioned J.L. the head of the Higgins family & their associated enterprises.

Gray is fantastic!

“Maybe paper bags are catching on.” Lol




Sing it Bing!!!

“What does the star in front of the horses’ name mean?” “The trainer’s got a boy in the service.” Lol

Enter Bond.

Lol at the find the money bit lol

Enter Pa Kettle lol

Haha! So many familiar faces lol Dub Taylor, Irving Bacon, Margaret Hamilton, James Gleason, etc, etc

“I just came in to get warm.” Lol

Lol they sing the theme to Black Sheep Squadron!

“Whaddya want for a hamburger? A telephone pole?” lol (they traded him a cane)

“Smart guy huh?” lol

Edna – played by Margaret Hamilton, immortalized by her role as the Wicked Witch of the West.

Lol I had forgotten how close the rooster and the horse were lol


He’s you, you _______….

I forget, how long it takes him to figure it out lol


I hear Mister Buck calling….

“Hey Bubblehead.” Lol


Time for another tune!

IMDB says Coleen Gray was partially dubbed, that sounds like her singing though….


Someone better check on dinner lol

Ah, the high pitched voice is dubbed/not her lol

Lol at the rooster in the rain/on the handle of the suspended/upside down bucket lol

I wonder how long it takes him to figure it out lol

Coleen Gray has officially stolen the picture

Lol enter Oliver Hardy!

HAHAHA! To Awesome-ville we go!

Sing it Bing!!

Over the moon indeed 🙂

Raymond Walburn and William Demarest are a riot as Professor Pettigrew and Happy lol

Lol Gene Lockhart!

There’s a LOT of footage from the previous film….

“What are you smoking, overalls?” lol

Camptown Races! Haha! What’s the film where Randolph Scott sings that? Is that Albuquerque (1948)? Haha, it is!

“But the horse forgot what it came for.” Lol

Awww…. ((hug))

It’s race time!

HAHAHAHA! Johnson has a bottle of whiskey in his pocket.

Come on Broadway Bill!!!

Like Bing says, go Bill go!!!

That’s a winner! Go crazy folks!! teehee



Haha, that’s Max Baer!

HAHAHAHAA! “Release the Princess from the dark tower!” HAHAHAHAHAA “Go on. Don’t be an idiot like your sister.”

HAHAHAAA! As Jack Buck would say that’s a winner!!!

March 11, 2018

The Last of Us

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Inspired by the epic video game The Last of Us from the makers of Uncharted, let’s check out some of the incredible fan films it has inspired! There are a LOT of these lol

I’m going to keep it down to a few The Last of Us: The Fireflies because it sounds like a great background story that covers Ellie’s journey from Boston to Pittsburgh, a story that is not told in the game so let’s get to it!

Ellie is 14 in the game, though to me, she looks 12, and the Fireflies are an illegal resistance unit.

The scenery’s fantastic and they have very much captured the look and feel of the game. I like Ellie being quiet, as this would be right after the Left Behind DLC. The game involves a lot of sneaking, which they show. In the game though, hardly anyone has enough food, which they don’t show. Oh well lol

Girl power!

Yep. It’s a zombie apocalypse after all lol

Love the scenery! Man, I wanna go hiking there!

I love how she’s silent….

Okay. Iron Horse Cinema made several films, which have been edited together here so let’s check this one out! (Fair warning, it’s a bit graphic, just like the game)

Oh wow. They go back to the beginning of the game….

She even looks like Sarah! Wow.

Right, flash forward, just like the game. The locations are straight out of the game and the leads very have the look of Joel and Ellie in the game. And, it’s filled with elements and lines from the game.

Lol in the game, the posters are for a fictional movie.

Haha, and yes, Ellie curses. A lot lol so much so, that, there are videos of her swearing lol

HAHAHA! With a brick, just like in the game!

It’s neither a happy world, nor a happy film or game, but, it very much captures, the essence, and the spirit of the game, in that, these 2 people are thrown together as they undertake, not just the physical journey, but also a mental and emotional one….

It’s also incredibly powerful, just like the game 🙂

Whoa, look at the makeup on the Infected….

I wonder if Ellie has her joke book lol


Lol that’s a running theme – all of the things Ellie’s never experienced, from being in the woods (the bit where Joel explains an ice cream truck to her is hysterical) to Facebook (what the beerpp is that?!) lol movies, riding on an escalator and so many other things that are commonplace to us.

Okay, we’re in Bill’s town….

There’s an epic scene when they meet Bill. I’m curious to see how they do this….

Haha, straight out of the game!

Enter Bill….

Wait for it, wait for it….

Straight out of the game, haha! (The shooting arm sequence is what I was curious about).

HAHA! Ellie’s awesome!

This is interesting. To me, Bill’s, “Partner,” was quite vague in the game. I had to look that up.

Lol Ellie flips him off in the game too.

They have also omitted quite a few things. Ellie’s immune. She has a bite mark on her forearm, which is why she wears long sleeves. Joel’s taking her to Firefly doctors in hopes of creating a cure….

Bloater!!!!! (the giant thing with the glowing head)

Oh wow, color me impressed!

It’s an excellent condensed version of the game….

Right, we have to push start the truck!

Man, they put a lot of effort into this!

Haha! He tells them all who’s number 1!

Right! And with that we are on our way to CO!

Don’t stop!!!

Nice. Nice way to condense the city sequence, though we have skipped forward 6 months and past a LOT lol

We’re in Salt Lake now, with the Fireflies….

Kill Joel? Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Next you’ll go on about killing Richard Sharpe….

Haha, I was about to comment on the backpack!

Yeah, that’s the thing about the game – the bad guys always have plenty of rounds but you never do lol

Lead pipe, just like in the game!

The tension!!!

Okay, we have to ______!!!

I enjoyed that!

March 10, 2018

Stargate Origins

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This is incredibly interesting! Stargate returns with Stargate Origins! “Young Catherine Langford embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save the Earth from darkness.” Catherine appeared in several episodes of SG1 and the film, and as I recall, they had only ever gotten it to work once, which is why she recruited Daniel. Sigh/confused face. Her beloved, Earl, I believe, had been lost on a mission through the gate. SG1 found him decades later. We should get back to SG1. Earnest, ha, I was close!

Okay, so this new series is ignoring that and or is more of a reboot. Let’s check out the trailer!

So, this isn’t a prequel. It’s a reboot and I don’t need my BatSense to guess where they filmed it lol

Haha! I’m excited!

The gate also looks different. You know, as in, not dark/that it’s silver now….

The episode in question is The Torment of Tantalus from Season 1. Let’s check it out!

And there it is, the dark color gate we’ve seen in hundreds of shots, and I know it’s clearly stated, numerous times, not just in this episode, by both Daniel and Catherine, that neither she nor anyone else had ever been through the gate. Oh well. This is my favorite science fiction series ever (Farscape rates a close second) so it’s great to see it return!

Okay, so, they went through the gate in 1945….

So, there it is, in the classic credits/one of the shots we’ve seen thousands of times, the gate is clearly dark, not silver lol

Catherine tells us, along with a great many other things, she didn’t even know they turned the gate on in 1945. Okay cool. Total reboot and let’s enjoy the ride!

I’m especially curious to see how they dial the gate in 1945)


Mmm cake….


Makes me remember why I loved this so much 🙂

Oh wow. Talk about being the perfect thing to watch after Hostiles (2017)!!!

No power….

Not for another 15 or so minutes teehee

Yes, Daniel argues for science. Like we’ve never seen that before lol this is definitely one of the more impassioned debates lol

In the time of nicking!

Nice ending!

March 9, 2018

Hostiles (2017)

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I’m excited to check out Hostiles (2017)! To the movies! Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Stephen Lang, and these other people! “In 1892, a legendary Army Captain reluctantly agrees to escort a Cheyenne chief and his family through dangerous territory.” Let’s get to it!

Filmed on location in NM, CO, & AZ, I look forward to seeing some awesome scenery!!!

Love the scenery! Yeah! I look forward to seeing where this goes!

Uh-oh. Foreshadowing indeed….

Close the door. Okay seriously? 6 of them and you run out of an excellent defensive position to charge them across open ground?

Don’t stand there, RUN!!!!

And you just keep standing there and scream to let them know where you are. Ein and Stein….

I get it, it’s written that way….

This must be CO….

Pike is fantastic!

Enter Bale.

Love the scenery! This is definitely NM….

Bale is fantastic!

Demons indeed and is it ever gritty!! I can’t wait for the DVD!!

So, we have to somehow meet Pike….

And with that, we are off!

I daresay this is Bale’s best work….

Wow. I am impressed!

Ah. We’ll find Pike there….

Talk about your awesome places to go hiking!

Pike is equally fantastic and talk about having my attention!

Bale and Pike are incredible together. I am seriously impressed!

What a different and powerful movie! It’s like, there’s this incredible energy that continues to build with every single frame. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen! Talk about being glued to my seat/having my rapt attention!!!!

I promise….

Whoa, no, no….

We’re heading for a major shift….

The scenery is incredible!!!

Not yet….

Oh wow. The scenery is just fantastic and that looks quite familiar lol

Wow. Just plain wow! Everything about the film is first rate!

Haha, that looks familiar too! (NM scenery)

Enemy of my enemy indeed….

I’ve seen a lot of Bale’s work and this is without question his finest. The same goes for Pike though I’ve only seen some of her work….


Did I mention how incredibly different this is? WOW!

You’re telling it to the wrong people….

Having seen countless thousands of films I do not say this lightly – these are some of the best dramatic performances I have ever seen….

You have to go….


Very powerful! 🙂


YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but with more, “!” teehee

I so wanted that to happen teehee


Throughout the course of the film, we find out why he’s a legend, and the scenery is out of this world!

It is completely unlike anything I have ever seen!


Cause we totally needed more tension!

Uh-oh. It’s far safer with….

Somebody’s gonna go all Josey Wales….


The burdens of command indeed….

What an incredible film! Talk about gripping, riveting, and so many other incredible adjectives. What an incredible ride!


Noooooooooo don’t do that….

Yep, got played like your name was Sega….

I think, we shall rename the movie, Tension City!

Talk about twists and layers, wow, just plain wow!

The goal being to continually live and have ever more awesome experiences, we are certainly living that now! (Meaning, me personally 🙂 )


The entire cast and every single thing about the film is first rate!

This is one of those incredibly rare films, that even early on, you just KNOW is out of this world! I mean, it is just mind blowingly awesome and continues to skyrocket!



YES! But with all the, “S,”s and, “!,” that exist 🙂

Best movie scenery EVER and instantly my favorite western 🙂

Man, have we ever shifted and grown!

So incredibly poignant….



We all know how this is gonna go….

We’re about to see some major ________

You all have no idea who this is….

No, you aren’t hearing him….

Yeah, 4….


Okay, we have 8 or so minutes to put this baby to bed….

No, it doesn’t end like this….

Get on the _______

Off, off, off!!!

Run like a ________

Oh, oh, oh, come on, YEAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Much Kirk Gibson fist pumping!!!!! Oh god!

Without question, THE best film I have ever seen! Yes, even better than Ben-Hur (1959)!!!!!

I am in sheer awe of how incredible it is! Don’t take my word for it, let’s hear it from Jack Buck! That’s a winner!

PS: I’ve seen it 4 times now and absolutely love it! I’m really excited for the DVD which comes out April 23rd!

March 8, 2018

Libeled Lady (1936)

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Myrna Loy Weekend continues with Libeled Lady (1936)! William Powell, these other people, white and black, “A newspaper man, his ignored fiancée, and his former employee, a down on his luck reporter, hatch an elaborate scheme to turn a false news story into the truth in order to prevent a high-society woman from suing for libel.” Jean Harlow has top billing & we also have Spencer Tracy. Wow, it weighs in at a beefy 7.9 on IMDB. I’m excited to check this out so let’s get to it!

Pre widescreen of course & Leo saws RAWR!!!

Hrmm. The opening credits give us a hint of how they pair up/the opposite of what the over photo shows lol

And there’s Myrna Loy, on the front page of the newspaper….

Enter Tracy, billed 4th….

Enter the top billed Harlow. She only made 2 more pictures after this….

Enter Loy lol

Now we have to find Powell….

Having been fired by Tracy, how eager do you think he’d be to come help you out….

So you’ve kept her waiting and now you want her to ______ lol

So, he’s kept her waiting for 2 years and, she’s been waiting. I mean, why? Lol

We need more Myrna Loy. Harlow does quite well though….

We get the impression he fishes lol

Lol how did he recognize her lol


Lol at him learning to fish in the hotel room.

Too obvious lol

Hey, we’re on location! I wonder where they filmed this. I would love to go hiking there!! It’s somewhere in California….

Dropped the book….

Lol he’s as clueless of an outdoorsman as he is in I Love You Again (1940)!

The outdoor sequences are incredible!!!

I bet they had a blast filming the land the giant fish sequence lol

Massive fish indeed!

And thankfully we have that classic rat-a-tat-tat dance/banter between Loy and Powell as she has a larger role than her 3rd billing would indicate. What a fun movie!

This’ll all come out though. Like in the Cary Grant pictures, it’s typically never a big deal. I mean, in our last film, it all happened off screen….

very nice!

So, we basically have a 4 way/love quadrangle lol

“She may be his wife but she’s engaged to me.” There’s something you don’t hear every day….

No you don’t….

25 minutes, tell her!

RUN! In the time of nicking!!!

That’s not true. You deserve to be sued, again. Libel indeed….

The question continually burns ever stronger lol which way do the 4 of them pair up lol

I don’t think so, because, you know, you’re not the hero/main character silly lol



Sticky wicket indeed….


A car chase was totally unexpected lol at night no less lol

Okay, so, what about….

8 minutes and we are spiraling out of control lol

Hunh, again, everything was explained off screen, again mwhahahahahahaaaaaa!

Haha, she even quotes yours truly, “That’s awesome!”


Oh, fun twist!

HAHA! Let’s check in with Jack Buck! That’s a winner!

March 7, 2018

I Love You Again (1940)

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It’s movie time! I Love You Again (1940) is up next! It stars, the second best on screen couple – Myrna Loy and William Powell, and these other people! This could catapult Myrna Loy into sole possession of first place with 6 entries on our leading lady list. Never having seeing it, I’m excited to check this out! “Boring businessman Larry Wilson recovers from amnesia and discovers he’s really a con man…and loves his soon-to-be-ex wife.” White and black, pre widescreen, let’s be about it!

Leo says RAWR!!

Hey, Alfalfa’s in it!

Boring indeed lol

Now there’s a familiar face! Is that Frank McHugh? Haha, it is!

Cue the amnesia lol

And the Navy just happens to be rowing around at sea, at night. (Maybe they’re from the ship lol)

“You dirty rat!” lol the ultra-famous Cagney line of course.

which is worth $2.6 million in 2018!!! Not to mention the other 2 accounts.

Wait until he meets Loy lol

Ah, it’s not his money, though he bought some property….

Still married yet engaged to someone else….


How long can he keep this up for lol

HAHA! Go Mom! Nella Walker is fantastic as his mother!


Oh yes he has!

Ray Teal!!!

He said he wants something expensive and they’re all about to pass out laughing lol





That’s Alfalfa!

Lol he’s even a Ranger (like a Boy Scout) though now that he’s back to who he was 9 years ago/recovered from his amnesia, he has no clue about the outdoors lol

The question becomes, how long before everything falls apart and or, she realizes she’s in love with him lol

The Ranger stuff’s a riot lol

Haha. That’s Robert Blake, no wonder he looked familiar!

Lot of familiar faces!

We have a lot to wrap up in 20 minutes lol

It’s all coming to a head….


“Anyone can come. Even you.” HAHA!

There is!

Haha! Hrmm, on the other foot the shoe is lol

With that, it all comes out….


Oh no, he’s back to having lost his memory lol someone’ll hit him again lol


Come on, we only have 2 minutes lol

So, who’s going to bonk him lol minute and a half, minute and a half….

HAHHAAHA! Ding! Do it!!!!!!!

DO IT!!!!!!!!

Oh, oh, HAHAHHHAHAHAAA!!! Hit the Jack Buck from friends cause that’s a winner!! HAHAHHA! Most triumphant and Myrna Loy not only rockets into sole possession of first place on our leading lady list with 6 films, but, we have another one coming up next!

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