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September 22, 2017

The Proud Rebel (1958)

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The Proud Rebel (1958) is up next! “A Confederate veteran living in the Yankee North struggles with his son’s shock induced muteness and the hate of the Northerners.” Alan Ladd, Olivia de Havilland, Dean Jagger, David Ladd, Harry Dean Stanton and these other people including John Carradine. Directed by Michael Curtiz, it’s another long time no see so let’s check it out!

Henry Hull!

Hey, Tom Pittman! We just saw him in Apache Territory (1958)!

The sheep dog’s the real star lol that’s a riot watching him with the sheep.

Love the scenery!

It’s not really a western though, it’s an epic human interest story though they sprinkle in plenty of tension and action.

Oh there is & the best part is, I have no idea how we get there lol

Oh yeah! Hats off indeed!! This my friends is when our little film shifts 🙂

Mary Wickes! We’ve seen her in all kinds of things lol

Not yet, give it some time….

Yeah, that’s tough….

No, no, pistol cartridges don’t exist yet, ooh, unless you have a time machine!!

Uh-oh, someone didn’t follow instructions….


Time to change your ways indeed….

What a beautiful movie 🙂 awesome seeing that again 🙂


September 21, 2017

Swamp Water (1941)

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Swamp Water (1941) is up next! Dana Andrews is our main character & 18 year old Anne Baxter is our leading lady. We also have Walter Brennan, Walter Huston, John Carradine, Ward Bond, Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams, Russell Simpson and these other people!

Okay, so, basically Andrews finds Brennan on the lamb in the swamp.

It’s another long time no see so let’s get to it!

White and black of course and it is definitely different lol

Just as I’m wondering how many films I’ve seen Simpson in, here come Bond & Williams lol & just as I get that typed, our female lead appears lol oh & Carradine’s also in the scene making the answer oh wait, there’s Andrews too, making the answer seemingly a thousand lol

Andrews really was on location….

The snake probably died….

As I’ve mentioned before, Anne Baxter is without question one of the best actresses ever.

Oh yes she will lol

Wow, Walter Brennan has 243 acting credits. Can you imagine? Let alone Irving Bacon at 543!! How would you keep track of all of that? You’d need an assistant lol though I imagine the studio took care of all of that. This is fascinating though it’s incomplete.

Almost everyone in the film has several hundred acting credits….


Yeah, leave town lol

You should’ve brought rope….


Great stuff! See you next time!

September 20, 2017

Five Came Back (1939)

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Five Came Back (1939) is up next! We have Lucille Ball, John Carradine and these other people. “Twelve people are aboard Coast Air Line’s flagship the Silver Queen enroute to South America when the airplane encounters a storm and is blown off course. Crashing into jungles known to be….” White and black, we know how this is going to go lol

We also have Patric Knowles. Let’s get to it!

Allen Jenkins, we’ve seen him in a lot of things including Go West, Young Lady (1941).

The wiki article for the film makes some interesting points, “Although considered a B movie, the positive notices received by Ball helped launch her as an A-list actress. Five Came Back is considered a precursor of the disaster film genre.”

Lol Frank Faylen!

Oh wow, there’s a Lockheed Electra in a takeoff sequence, somewhere lol that of course being the type of plane Frank Noonan and Amelia Earhart went missing in just a few years before this was filmed….

The question then becomes, who makes it….

Talk about different lol


Take the seats out too….

It’s the most interesting of all dilemmas, not who stays but who decides and how. Talk about tension!

Oh god….

That was good!

September 19, 2017

The Greatest Stuntman EVER!

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We of course are talking about Yakima Canutt I think this is the highest compliment that can possibly be paid to a stunt performer: “When the action was indicated in a Republic script, it said ‘see Yakima Canutt for action sequences.'” No, no, whatever he says. That is so awesome!

This is especially interesting: “Canutt and Wayne pioneered stunt and screen fighting techniques still in use. Much of Wayne’s on-screen persona was copied from Canutt. The characterizations associated with Wayne – the drawling, hesitant speech and the hip-rolling walk – were pure Canutt. Said Wayne, ‘I spent weeks studying the way Yakima Canutt walked and talked. He was a real cowhand.'”

I think the highest tribute is that he did the top listed stunt on and directed the second and the third is a direct copy of his work on the first. Great stuff!

I had no idea the incredible level of influence on film making he had. Fascinating stuff, see you next time!

September 18, 2017

Angel and the Badman (1947)

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Bruce Cabot Week concludes with Angel and the Badman (1947)! Gail Russell is our leading lady & we also have Harry Carey (who plays Marshal Wistful McClintock lol) and these other people including Olin Howard and his 214 acting credits.

“Quirt Evans, an all round bad guy, is nursed back to health and sought after by Penelope Worth, a Quaker girl. He eventually finds himself having to choose between his world and the world Penelope lives in.”

The Duke of course is our hero & Cabot the villain. White and black, let’s get to it!

Hey, Republic & Yakima Canutt was the second unit director. Very cool! Oh wow, he worked on Gone with the Wind (1939) & has 252 credits for stunts & 184 for acting lol wow Chuck Roberson has 149 acting credits & 137 stunt credits.

Anyway yes, man with a gun and a reputation.

Hank Worden along with numerous other familiar faces.

Everything about the film is first rate, especially the cast and the scenery.

Where’s his sidekick?

Haha, right, the neighbor upstream cut off the water lol wait until he sees who they have for company lol

“And who might you be when you’re at home?” “Quirt Evans.” lol

Mmm her donuts….

“Hold my plunder while I get aboard.” Lol

It shows the infinite potential within us all. He doesn’t understand, yet….

“Oh with the pie and cake I’ll attempt to make out.” Lol

Haha, enter Carey! His, “New rope,” line is our drinking game today lol

There’s our sidekick Randy!

Oh wow, Joan Barton did her own singing, very cool!


Wow, Carey has 267 acting credits


“Haven’t you got some important business to tend to, someplace else?” lol

(ice water with lemon of course)

Haha, she gives, “The look,” and he leaves the gun.

I had forgotten about the stunts, wow.

That he does!

I just noticed the symbolism, white hat for good guy mode, black hat for when he has things to take care of….



Great stuff, see you next time!

September 17, 2017

McLintock! (1963)

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Bruce Cabot Week continues with McLintock! (1963)! We of course have The Duke & it was also directed by Andrew V. McLaglen & it’s another long time no see as all of these are. Maureen O’Hara is our female lead & we also have Pat Wayne, Stefanie Powers, Chill Wills and so many other familiar faces I’ll just give you the link lol

“Wealthy rancher G.W. McLintock uses his power and influence in the territory to keep the peace between farmers, ranchers, land-grabbers, Indians and corrupt government officials.”


The film is basically a romp, though it is also a retelling of Taming of the Shrew, so in that regard it’s also a retelling of The Quiet Man (1952) Let’s get to it!

Okay, so, Bob Steele, Chuck Roberson, Mari Blanchard, Leo Gordon and Edward Faulkner appear along with probably dozens of other familiar names and faces like Edgar Buchanan and Yvonne De Carlo.

Right, Hank Worden, though who gets the hat down from the weathervane? Lol well okay lol


Haha! Enter Buchanan who not only really started out as a dentist, and met his wife at dental school, but who didn’t become an actor until he was well into his 30’s but still managed a staggering 172 acting credits, including appearing in 222 episodes of Petticoat Junction!!

The Wikipedia article on the film! Has an interesting comment, “Emanuel Levy, in a review years after the film’s release, said the film is “significant because it marks the beginning of Wayne’s attempt to impose his general views, not just political ones, on his pictures. Most of Wayne’s screen work after McLintock! would express his opinions about education, family, economics, and even friendship.” You definitely see that here.


There’s Mari Blanchard and who is that lol we’ve seen him in 3 films recently lol Ah Big John Hamilton.

Roberson has one of his largest roles I’ve ever seen.

“Pretty crummy family.” Lol

There we go!

She remembers when she was human….

Yep, there’s the muck puddle. We’re going to be seeing a lot of that lol

Right, right, the trivia used to detail how Big John Hamilton didn’t give the reaction they wanted so The Duke really hit him.

Lol he hands her a shovel lol

Yet lol

Yes he is….

Oh too funny, in character Roberson enters the horse race, the catch being they all have an intact egg in their mouth lol

Yeah, they all wanna see her hide get tanned, just like in The Quiet Man (1952).

Pretty certain that was Roberson doubling The Duke there but they really did a lot of these scenes. That’s the larger reason for cowboy hats – to hide the stuntman’s face in the action sequences.

Lol we even have another coal shovel lol “Keep it. You may need it.” Lol Give her credit though, she really did all of that, except for falling through the window.

Fun seeing that again!

September 16, 2017

Hellfighters (1968)

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Bruce Cabot Week continues with Hellfighters (1968). Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, Vera Miles is The Duke’s leading lady, Katharine Ross plays his daughter and Jim Hutton plays her love interest. We also have Jay C. Flippen, Chuck Roberson and these other people as we tell a Red Adair/oil well firefighter story.

This is interesting, “A burning oil well prompted the owner, present-day billionaire Phillip Anschutz, to call Red Adair, a famous firefighter who later put out the oil well fires during the Gulf War, to put out the blaze. To pay Adair, Anschutz persuaded Universal Studios to pay him 100,000 dollars to film Adair putting out his well fire for ‘Hellfighters.’”

Hey, Universal, cool!

Specifically, the film is loosely based on Adair’s feats during this: “Adair gained global attention in 1962 when he tackled a fire at the Gassi Touil gas field in the Algerian Sahara nicknamed the Devil’s Cigarette Lighter, a 450 foot (140 m) pillar of flame that burned from 12:00 PM November 13, 1961 to 9:30 AM on April 28, 1962.”

Lol Boots and Coots of the Red Adair company worked on the film too and as for the comments about The Duke being too old for this role, Adair was 75 when put out the Iraqi oil well fires.

Right, Edward Faulkner, he was in a lot of The Duke’s later films.

Flippen however was in poor health….

They’re really in there with the fire.

Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez!

Chuck Roberson!!

Right, the big one….

Valentin de Vargas, he played Luis in Hatari! (1962)!

It’s definitely different lol I’ll give it that.

Hey, nice seeing a Sikh guy/there were numerous Sikhs in Hatari! (1962). He has a line of dialogue though.

His name’s on the company though.

Hunh, so The Duke leaves his own company to go work for JC Flippen.

You all need some girl power on your board of directors….

Lol he was in The Undefeated (1969)!


But wait, it’s THE BIG ONE lol we need The Duke!

Right, so, we have 5 oil well fires, 3 of which are very close together & we’re also surrounded by guerillas. Tension indeed….

Was it me or did he have an MP40? (yes)


Right, so we have those center 3 remaining & enter the ladies & JC Flippen.

& Cabot sleeps through all of that lol


LOL “You’ll do!”

Great seeing that again 🙂

September 15, 2017

The Comancheros (1961)

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Bruce Cabot Week continues with The Comancheros (1961). These next 5 films all star The Duke & here we also have Lee Marvin, Michael Ansara, Pat Wayne, Jack Elam and Edgar Buchanan. Stuart Whitman is the sidekick Paul Regret and the love interest for our female lead Ina Balin. “Texas Ranger Jake Cutter arrests gambler Paul Regret, but soon finds himself teamed with his prisoner in an undercover effort to defeat a band of renegade arms merchants and thieves known as Comancheros.”

Great background info here

“The last film of veteran cowboy actor Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams, who died shortly after its completion.” Aww. 221 acting credits, his amazing body of work will last forever. This is especially sad, “In the early 1960s Williams’ health began to deteriorate, which was noticeable in his last film, The Comancheros (1961), in which he had a small part and, sadly, did not look well at all. He died of uremic poisoning shortly afterwards.” Particularly given that he, “was given the nickname “Big Boy” (and he was, too – 6′ 2″ of mostly solid muscle from years of working on ranches and playing semi-pro and pro baseball) by Will Rogers, with whom he made one of his first films, in 1919,” and that he had started out as a stuntman….

This also stands out, “During much of the shooting, director Michael Curtiz was seriously ill (he died of cancer shortly after the film’s release).” This is the final movie in his 178 director credits. Wow, 9 of his films are on our list of favorite films and TV shows….

Anyway, we have a movie to watch so let’s get to it!

Oh wow, I had no idea the classic 20th Century Fox music we are all so familiar with from Star Wars went back this far. Very cool!

So it starts in 1843, let’s see how they did with the weapons. (So far so good but we’re only 2 minutes in lol)

Look at the scenery!

Pistols cartridges lol we have suddenly time warped 30 years into the future for that revolver and those cartridges to exist. Watch, they’ll have Winchesters later lol beyond the date in the introduction there’s not much to place the film in time so we’ll just pretend it’s set after the war.

Foreshadowing indeed lol

Lol love how playful The Duke is with his son Pat in these films.

Cabot plays the captain of the Rangers & there’s Williams though he’s seated the entire scene.

Bob Steele!!

Lol I almost mentioned this the other day – no western shootout is replete without the obligatory shot into a container of water lol the ever present barrel/bucket/etc.

And that my friends is Aissa Wayne! Though Joan O’Brien is actually our hero’s leading lady 🙂 I had forgotten about that as this is another long time no see. Oh hey, she was in Operation Petticoat (1959). We should watch that again soon lol

Edgar Buchanan!!

“Being good sensible Texans….” Lol

Right, the rattlesnake analogy. “When you see your first rattlesnake you’ll know the difference.”

Hey they really did parts of the wagon scene.

And with that we ride back to do like Monsieur says and, “Mend those fences!” 🙂 Great seeing that again 🙂

September 14, 2017

Badman’s Territory (1946)

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Bruce Cabot Week continues with Best of the Badmen (1951). “The outlaws of the Clanton and Younger gangs are the heroes of this fictionalized biography.” Robert Ryan plays Jeff Clanton and Cabot is Cole Younger while Lawrence Tierney is Jesse James. Claire Trevor is our female lead and we also have Walter Brennan and these other people. Let’s see where it takes us!

Brennan narrates. This seems familiar too lol

Haha, Robert J. Wilke is Jim Younger. Man we’ve seen him in soo many things lol

Another familiar face, John Archer is Curly Ringo & Tom Tyler, he of the 182 acting credits plays Frank James so yes, the movie is almost completely very familiar faces, so much so that you are perpetually left asking, “Who’s that?” In this case, Robert Preston.

Enter our female lead.

Okay, so this film is a loose follow-up to Return of the Bad Men (1948) which was a loose sequel to the 1946 film Badman’s Territory, both of which star Randolph Scott. I remember the former but not the later & I thought we had seen all of his post World War II westerns. Let’s find out! What’s that? It’s not even a question, what is highly likely the only Randolph Scott western we have never seen versus pretty much anything else, especially when it’s not holding my interest lol

RKO, white and black. Ann Richards is our female lead & we also have Gabby Hayes, Ray Collins from Perry Mason & these other people. “Sheriff Mark Rowley and his brother John find themselves in an annexed area of Indian Territory which is home to notorious outlaws like Jesse James and Sam Bass.”

Lol Scott’s, “Hewwww,” sound goes back this far lol

“Where’d you drop from? A balloon?” lol

We have numerous familiar names/faces too of course.

Pinky ring!!

Most of all though it’s a preview of coming attractions as you can definitely see how awesome of a star Randolph Scott was about to be. Oh wow, he was in World War I….

So, he ends up Sheriff of the lawless land….

To their doom and no, you’ve had your say….

Wow, seriously lol

Oof, Coffeyville….

What a fun movie!

September 13, 2017

Rock Island Trail (1950)

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After having so much fun with Week with The Duke, Bruce Cabot Week is up next! Why you ask? When Ward Bond hit the trail, literally, for Wagon Train, Bruce Cabot filled his role in The Duke’s films.

Rock Island Trail (1950) starts us off! We also have Forrest Tucker, Adele Mara, Lorna Gray, Chill Wills and these other people. “Loumas, president of the Rock Island Trail company, tries to expand his rails into the Midwest but finds resistance of the steamship and stage-coach lines. The malicious Kirby Murrow….” Cabot is billed 4th so he should have a lot of screen time and we also have Jeff Corey though we can be sure it’s filled with familiar faces too. On top of all of that, it’s a 50’s western we’ve never seen. Where do these things keep coming from? Lol let’s check it out!

Hey Republic! And it’s even in color, Trucolor no less lol

Actually I’m pretty certain we’ve seen this. Yep, oh well lol

Right, so the train and stage race 50 miles to Ottawa for a contract, Bruce Cabot runs the stage line, Forrest Tucker the train. I don’t recall ever seeing Cabot in a leading role but without villains, tension and a great supporting cast we wouldn’t have movies. Cabot excelled at all of the above though he also had a lot of great good guy roles too.

What a fun picture!

Haha, Jack Pennick, he of the 154 acting credits. We’ve seen him in soooo many things lol

Hey, Olin Howland! We’ve seen him in all kinds of things too lol

Umm, the Mississippi’s brown/incredibly muddy.

Needing a lawyer, our hero hires a young Abraham Lincoln….

Ooh, that doesn’t exist, this is before the Civil War, ah who cares lol


Great finish to a fun movie! 3.5/5 and yes I know haven’t rated a film in a long time lol


I’m glad I watched that 🙂 see you next time!

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